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Monday, April 22, 2013

*Housekeeping* ....and Testing is a BEAR

We have the BEAR test tomorrow and Wednesday still. So parents, make sure your lil Tiger goes to bed and eats a healthy, hearty breakfast as well. Ms. Horn is going to do her best to remember to stop and get a healthy snack in the morning.  I vote for bananas. Now the goal is to make sure three girls at this house are ready to roll a couple minutes early tomorrow, especially since there could very easily be snow on the ground. or sleet, or "wintry mix." *sigh* Bring back Spring!

Love the linkys. I am sitting this week's "Let's Get Acquainted" out. I have favorite activities and I've had favorite areas. I've worked hard on the organization throughout the year, but I just moved desks and did a big change-everything-in-our-room so I don't have favorite places and spaces right now.

If you are the parent of a Kinder.... help them read their reading list (long vowels this week, easy-peasy for many), make sure they get plenty of rest, and encourage them to drink more water. Most of the Kinders I know do not drink enough water.

That is all the "housekeeping" agenda I have. Oh! Wait! I almost forgot again.... next week we have the Kindergarten Rodeo on Thursday, May 2, so I could really use a parent volunteer or even two! I am responsible for the face painting station, and need a parent to accompany our class and help them to be responsible little citizens.

Oh wow... more housekeeping. Wednesday and Thursday of Next week please make sure your child wears sunscreen to school in the morning and if you want it re-applied, send it along with your student so I can be sure to re-apply. They also need to consider the sun on their face and could possibly wear a hat, cap, or visor.  Water will be needed.  Please send a disposable bottle of water to school with your child both days.

That is all I can remember at this point.  Wednesday we are planning to go to Slack, and since I am not from here, I don't really know what that means, but we'll watch the cowboys work for awhile, and then we'll do activities with Academy C in the afternoon. Thursday is the Kindergarten Rodeo and we will be there in the morning, with Western activities in the afternoon.

Please support your child in these last weeks of school. They are excited for the next grade with so much still to learn and they need their rest.  Thanks! I appreciate it!

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