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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creative Writing and Bullying

I was grading papers this weekend and look what I came across.... last week when I was gone I had the class watch the free Brainpop Jr. video about bullying and I printed out the accompanying worksheets. I asked the sub to help them brainstorm but to encourage them to use "kid-writing" or phonetic spelling. Most students did not complete it or did not understand what was expected. And I tell myself.... that is okay, sometimes that happens when I am there, but it is certainly acceptable when I am not even there.... right?
 Bubble number one says: ignore them? Do not pinch them. Bubble two says: don't punch. Don't bite their finger.  Bubble three: Don't kick them. Don't choke them. Bubble four: Don't shut them in the locker. Don't say bad words.

These may not have been my first choice to respond to a bully because I would like to know how students would protect themselves or others, but I love, love, love this student's paper.

Here is the creative writing that students worked on when I was gone. April showers bring.... (fill in the blank). We brainstormed before I left and students had to finish the sentence and draw an accompanying picture, adding details and plenty of color. Some of my favorites are lacking color, but I love them. Here is our bulletin board.

Our April Bulletin Board

This student didn't use color, but I love his detail and depiction of storms.

"April showers bring bunnys."
"April showers bring mud."
April showers bring little buns." 
Love to watch their minds work! I love their phonetic spelling! Look how far they have come! Wow!

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