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Friday, February 22, 2013

Five for Friday... a linky party!

Five for Friday!! Hooray! I love linking up for Five for Friday. And I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the things that I want to post. Grrr.

Hope over to Doodlebugs and link up! Read, type, link! :) And comment. Five Random things from the week or the day.

1. Monday was a no school day for President's Day. I worked at school all day. What is great about Monday is actually the days that preceded it. I had a WEEKEND for once! I left all my work at school and didn't do much planning at all on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I would say I didn't do any planning but Saturday night I did make a new seating chart for my students. Sunday I actually cleaned and organized my bedroom. It is much easier to move around in there now and I can find stuff. Hooray! Monday I was professional and didn't even wear sweats to school, I had to record it. And my hair dresser changed the color of my hair a little and it looks flattering. Anyway, the pic is in my "new" room, I even got my posters up over the weekend. 

2. We are working on what an equation is. I had students come up and write the equation. One student struggled with what and equation was and so I had the other student help out. What do you do if a student struggles in a core learning situation? I tend to have another student help them. I try to give sufficient wait time and if they still don't know what to do, I ask them if they want to phone a friend. If they phone a friend, "the struggler" chooses a friend that has their hand raised and then the friend shares the answer with the one that was struggling, "the struggler" then says the answer and they both take credit. In this case, the friend came up and helped the struggler write the equation. After I took the picture I told the friend that he needed to look at his numbers and make sure they matched the numbers on our number line in our classroom. I didn't want to emphasis to be on the inverted number but on the students' success writing the equation. 

3. I blogged about this already but yesterday during the couple hours we had school I changed things up because it just didn't work to ignore the snow and try to do the activities in my planning. I know of others who did "snowball" activities earlier in Winter and decided to try one. We brainstormed adjectives that described the snowy day. Students wrote down an adjective, crushed it up, and then we split up and let the snowball fight commence! When I said "freeze!" they had to stop, open the snowball up, and read the adjective on the strip.  Then they had to use the adjective in a sentence! 

4. Snow Day! Thursday we let out school at 10. By the time that all my students were gone and I went to get my daughter at the high school there really were blizzard-like conditions, as witnessed in the photo above. I brought home Teacher Editions so I could do planning, but instead I surfed blogs, played games with kids and indulged in a sweet treat. The girls had cocoa and I made coffee and mixed coffee and cocoa and topped it off with Rediwhip. It was bliss. 

5. Abe Lincoln's hat. I didn't take pictures. We've been talking about how Lincoln kept important papers in his hat. So we wrote about what we would keep in it if we were Abraham Lincoln. The most popular answer was a pencil.  The students had to "kid-write" the ending of their sentences. I helped with some words, but they had to phonetically spell what they would keep in their hat. Some students are going to keep a cake in their hats, and several of the spelled it "kac." One student is going to "kep a wolit" (keep a wallet) in his hat. Today was such a strange day and we practiced flexibility today, so we worked and worked to finish our hats. Somehow I forgot to take pictures! Argh! How could I?! Hopefully I will add some later. I am going to put them on the bulletin board this weekend. 

We started a George Washington craft also. I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

That's my five! This weekend I will be planning for Suess week! 

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