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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently, a Linky party

Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! is having her Currently linky. So head over, read other posts and link up!

Sitting here in my BFF's dining room and listening to her children and their friends eat waffles that they made themselves and talk about nothing in particular. It is a little bit like heaven. And it makes me jealous and lonely. I miss my house. I miss my daughter having her friends over and my house being the one where they are free and happy and goofy. But it will happen again. 

I am loving being Kansas with my friends. I drove by my home last night. Heart break. But I can't wait to see all of my friends tonight and celebrate and eat ice cream and laugh and joke and maybe be wildly inappropriate. Sitting here in my friend's house feels a lot like I am home. I love it that I have friends who just let me come and hang out. 

Thinking.... about too many things. I had a bad social situation in my classroom yesterday and I can't "fix" it. One of my students stole from another one. The ELL teacher gave a student a little nail polish, a reward for her hard work, and between 2:30 and 3:10 it disappeared. I searched backpacks and pockets to no avail. I am so sad it isn't even funny. It hurts me that my students would do this each other. And I read Farley's tactic, but I don't know that it would work. I don't KNOW who did this, but I suspect one my little non-english speakers. And he wouldn't understand my ploy.  

Always on my mind is the financial mess I am in and the fact that there are more bills than money. I need a miracle people. Big changes are on the horizon. 

Wanting.... those life changes. Less financial woe. More contentment. Deep seeded knowledge that I am doing my best. 

Needing... more french vanilla coffee. And more time the day.

Pet Peeves.... discourteous drivers. Well, those are the words I came up with, but it's more than that. I hate the drive from there to here on this insanely dangerous two lane highway. Hate, hate, hate it. The last three trips we have not seen any fatal accidents. Good news. But the one where we witnessed a truck pull out in front of a semi, not good news. Drivers are so rude. Pulling out without looking, passing on a hill, etc., etc.

Not feeling good enough... it peeves me. It is annoying that I still feel "not good enough" a lot of the time. But it's more annoying when it is because some super-teacher burst my bubble. Seriously... I think I'm doing pretty fine for a first year teacher. And I am willing to make lots of changes. Whatever changes it takes to be the best teacher I can be. But bubble-bursting is a peeve. Don't burst my bubble. I am just as proud of what my students are doing as you are of what your students are doing. 

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  1. I'm going to be praying for you tonight! It sounds like you are going through a lot of hardships and difficult times. I'll send lots of positive, happy thoughts your way, and hopefully things will start looking up for you very soon!! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thank You! I didn't mean to whine, but I guess I did.

  2. I'll join Liz and be praying, too! In the meantime enjoy being wildly inappropriate and spending time with good friends.
    Owl Things First

  3. Carrie,
    Love that you are back "home" and so happy you get to be with some good friends tonight.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  4. Small world, Fort Hays is only an hour away from my home town. It was also the closest town with a mall, McDonald's or Walmart from my hometown as well.

    Teaching In Oz