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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tell Me Something Good...

Tell me something good from school. Tell me something good from home. What is going good, something positive, etc. Here we go.

Something good from school: I must be doing something right. I was paid compliments from other teachers twice this week. Yeah, I am bragging. I love it when our class is complimented, they work hard, they deserve it. But this week, two different teachers told my students what a great teacher they have! Yes, my heart swelled up really big. I am proud, I am humble, I am a little overwhelmed.

Something good from home: Hmmm. Nothing bad is going on, it is just ordinary. OH! My redhead is doing great. She is a junior in highschool and I've been pushing and pushing and pushing college. "You can't pay your bills without a college education..." "You can't find the job that you love without a college education...." "You will never forget your college experiences..." "College is a great place, you are not at home anymore, you have more freedoms, and yet you have your own community of people like you in a relatively safe environment...." I was pretty sure it was falling on deaf ears. "You HAVE to get your grades up, colleges will look at those!" Blah, blah, blah. You know the teacher in Charlie Brown... "whah, whah, whah, whaw..." I think that is what she heard. But recently she has started talking about college, thinking about college, planning for college! Honestly, it is a little on the late side. She's a junior. If we had not moved here (so her mother could teach Kindergarten) she would have taken her ACT at school (free of charge) as part of their college, career and citizenship readiness plan (they call it C cubed, or C3). So.... we haven't taken her ACT yet. That is a hurdle we can overcome. The bigger hurdle, the failing classes, that is changing! Woohoo!!!!! On Thursday she submitted her art project ON TIME! A very complex project that she worked on for hours, and hours, AND hours over the Christmas break. I wish we would have taken a picture of it. I will add one when I can. It is amazing. Hmmm. Now that I ponder on that, that is a pretty AMAZING good thing from home. Good stuff.

What I love the most is that I was just forced to look at the positive, identify it, and I can't really identify it without developing an attitude of gratitude. Thanks God for all the amazing things you do for us. Thanks, thanks, thanks. God is good, all the time.

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  1. Ha! this was last week's linky! So I didn't link up again. But I still love focusing on something good! :)