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Sunday, January 27, 2013

100 Days of School...

There were conflicting opinions in our district as to when the 100th day of school actually was. We "went with" the one that was on Friday. My count said that the 100th day would be tomorrow.  However, in light of the fact of the chaos that overtook my room, I am very grateful we celebrated on Friday.

The students were to have their 100th day projects returned by Wednesday. The ones who followed that direction got a who class cheer as well as taking a moment to look at the project and "ooo" and "ah".  All students' projects were celebrated and we looked at all of them. I didn't have a good way to display them however. So they are stuck up randomly all around the room. Here they are.
100 hundred ribbons, 100 google eyses on the number 100, and  100 stickers in glitter glue of the student's name. 

100 pieces of cereal, and 100 stars! 

100 crayons and 100 pom-poms, 100 google eyes on the monster! 

100 signatures/names, and 100 safety pins in the shape of the number 100 on a t-shirt

100 "river rock" type marbles, and 100 aura beads

100 "steering wheels" (pasta) on this boat/ship! 
Aren't they great! Students and parents did a great job making a 100 project and being creative! I am impressed! Way to go my lil Tigers (and your parents).

We began the day with a color sheet of 100 things, working on color word recognition. 

As students worked on their morning color page, I handed out their "100 days smarter" certificates.  I made a loud proclamation for each name as I handed the certificate to them. 

Each student got a photo with the 100 and wearing their 100 day hat! We glued 10 strips of 10 different colors of paper down to make 100 strips on the big strip and then we stapled the large construction paper strip to make a hat. The TpT download I got it from advised to glue all the strips down before assembling the hat. 

We went across the street to the cafeteria and did activities with all of Academy C. There were five different stations: Mrs. Lewis, Ms. Sawatzky, Ms. Reid, Ms. Mennis and I each took a station. And I took a cool picture of 2nd grade but realized I don't have media releases for them, so I don't know who's picture I could post. My station made 100 glasses out of construction paper. This activity was more time consuming than what we actually had time for unfortunately. So students were rushed. But all of them said that they had fun! 

Also in the afternoon we made a snack with 100 pieces in it. Each students took 10 pieces of 10 different snacks to make up a type of snack mix to snack on the rest of the day! Our snack mix consisted of: froot loops, honey nut cheerios, pretzels, M & M's, skittles, fruit snacks, sour patch kids, marshmallows, goldfish, chocolate animal crackers. 

We made a book: My 100th Day Book. It was a lesson for the teacher, that much is for sure. Next year, this will be a writing project that we begin before day 100. It will probably occupy the better part of a week. This will give students more freedom and free writing experience. For this book, because time was of the essence, we voted on we would fill in on each page. This project also assessed the students ability to follow directions (I handed the book out page by page and their instruction was to simply place each new paper on top of the one they had). Some were obviously not in order, some of the pages were not put in correctly (such as.... upside-down).  Some students put the book together correctly, but couldn't stay with the group. All-in-all it was a good lesson and students learned and I learned. 

I can eat 100 cookies. Yeah, that is a good thing to vote for! Right? 

I wish I had 100... the answer we voted on was "puppies." This student didn't follow directions at some point. They probably got their pages out of order. 

Eating 100... cereals... would totally gross me out! What kind of terrible teacher would let her students write this?! A rushed one. I am profoundly sorry. But we were rushed and I was trying so hard to be "democratic" and it is the answer they voted for! I wanted them to vote for frogs, but I couldn't will them into the vote! 

100... frogs... would drive my teacher crazy! Amen. No comment necessary.

I could bring her 100... butterflies... to make her feel better! (This is cute and sweet and I couldn't believe they voted to write the longest choice they had!) Some other choices were chocolate, candies and hugs.

There it is. The page that contains the word it is supposed to! :) "I wish I had 100... puppies." That is what we voted for. 

Oops, this is definitely a blooper! (Plus, butter would never drive me crazy, I love butter.)

In 100 days, I have learned... the months! I loved this page because students put out there some things that we actually have learned! Choices were counting, the months, reading, and more! Woo-hoo! There are things they feel proud about and want to toot their horns about! 

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