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Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions, another Linky (Hooray!)!

Resolutions. The Teacher's Cauldron is having a Linky party to share one personal resolution and one blogging resolution. My friend Alyce has a goal to learn to play guitar so she can play and sing with her kiddos in her class. Another friend's was to write cards more often, the just-for-no-reason-because-you-are-important kind of cards. I really like that one. But I think my personal goal is organization. It is sort of all encompassing. If you read the blog last week (earlier this week?) about organization you will know it is both in the classroom and the home I need to organize. I want to plan out meals because we eat better, we eat more frugally (not as much $$ spent), we eat fewer processed foods, and we eat on time more often when I plan out meals and groceries and make ahead or plan ahead what we eat. While this will be somewhat easier this month with the whole 7 project, it is almost MORE important to plan ahead.  For one thing, I get SO hungry. I want to organize my wardrobe. I haven't decided yet if I am going to revolutionize it or not in line with the 7 chapter about clothing. But if I were to choose my clothes and accessories at night before bed, it would simplify so much in the morning. One of my internet friends posted that she wanted to organize her necklaces and it would save time every day getting dressed. Great idea. I want to just organize my planning, and pick out clothes and accessories the night before. I want to organize my lesson plans. I want to get all the stuff that belongs in the file cabinet in to the file cabinet. I want to plan ahead for things like the 100th day which is in only a short few days (the end of January, the 28th I believe), and for things like president's day and MLK day (even closer than the 100th day) and so on. What am I going to teach? How am I going to teach it? How am I going to get better at meeting the Common Core Standards? Organizing my classroom.  That will get it's own blog. I can't sum this up in a single paragraph. It started with the organization linky I took part in earlier and it will finish with a post of it's own and photos and HOPE. And today is the magic day for this to happen, so I better not procrastinate too long.  I need to PLAN lunch and dinner for me and 2 darlings who are participating in the 7 challenge (I say that because it's challenging, she makes it clear in the book that she is not challenging anyone to do anything). I need to PLAN lessons for January.  Since I have been writing lesson plans in Google Drive I have been reusing the same template and I think in some ways that is good, but I won't have an electronic copy of lessons next year. I will have a paper copy.  So last night a copied the template so I would have 4 of them in Drive and I can plan 4 weeks out without using the same template over again. I need to PLAN to get myself up to the school and get started on that room! It's 8:00 now and my friend is coming out from Kansas tonight so I must be productive today.
My blogging goal for this year is to get to know my blog better. Learn how to add the thingys (widgets? gadgets? whatever...) and to make it work really slick and look cool and to give it labels that appear in searches for subjects and so on and so forth. I want to ORGANIZE the whole darn thing.  Especially since I started a personal blog again. And since I love writing so darn much, I hope others enjoy reading because it makes me feel satisfied inside. I feel sort of unfinished when it says I have zero readers or one reader, even though I write those silly ravings for myself I like it when they get read by others.
Personal: organization.
Blogging: organization? Familiarization. Professionalism. More.

What are your "resolutions?" Resolutions and just goals that you plan to achieve. What are they? How do you plan to implement them? I am going to face mine, one day at a time, one mess at a time, one plan at a time. And when I fail, I am going to practice acceptance and forgiveness and give myself and extra measure of grace. Then I am going to start again, one day at a time.

I'd love to hear your resolutions! Leave them in your comments, or leave a link to your blog. Whatever you do, please go here: The Teachers' Cauldron, read other resolutions and link up with this awesome linky party.

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  1. Think I could go with organization as well. For sure at home and school. Kids get tired of pizza (even if it is homemade) and cereal! Haha.

    Great post.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family