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Friday, January 4, 2013

Five for Friday

I decided to do the Friday linky called Five for Friday. It's pretty loose.  All you have to is list five random things from your day or from the last week. I am opting for listing things from the last week.

1. We had a late visit from Santa this year and our last ditch Christmas event was our stockings getting stuffed on New Year's Eve. As we got ready to play our games and have fun as a family, I found this paper plate on the table.

2. I started reading a book titled: 7: an Experimental Mutiny Against Extreme Excess. This is a possible life-changer. The author starts with foods for the first month. Our foods are a little on the loose side. But we're trying not to be in excess and be excessive with food this month. The redhead and I are pretty serious about it, and Punky is trying. Last night I read a few paragraphs at dinner and after that she started composing her personal list of 7 foods. She is going to go with most of the same foods as us, but she's trading out spinach for EZ Mac. This makes me laugh a little bit. But she's the most finicky eater I have ever met, and I know a few picky eaters (of which I am chief).

3. I am addicted to the t.v. series Parenthood and sometimes the line muddies for me and I can't quite fathom that it's "just a show." These people are in my life, and when there's something sad on the show (just about every show) I cry. 

4. I worked in my room today to try to get organized. Here's a preview of what it looked like:

I'd love to tell you about how this all looks neat and organized now after working there for hours today. But first of all, when I organize, first it gets worse. The next thing to consider is that I'm pretty ADD. So I started organizing my space, but I also made new site word flash cards, and printed some TpT downloads, and took down Christmas decorations, and worked on bulletin boards. The one redeeming photo I have actually goes with a linky I did last week about organization.  Here is my "landing station" that I loved so much from Growing Kinders when she showed hers on her blog. 

5. I did it! I hot-glued black pom-poms to the top of my dry erase marker caps so there will always be an eraser with these markers. 

I think that is it. My Five for Friday is turning into Saturday. It's a quarter til 2 and here I still sit. I'm linking up now! Please go over and read the others! I read several already! Here's the link: Doodle Bugs


  1. I need to spend a week in my room to get organized. Love your pom pom trick.

  2. Yep. Organizing my classroom always means a storm before the calm. The landing spot is a great idea!

  3. I need a week to work in my classroom to get it back organized like it was before school started in August!

    Thanks for linking up with me!! I hope you will come back next week too :o)


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