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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Scoop

Whoot! I just discovered a new linky party, and y'all know how I love linkys!
 The Sunday Scoop. It is self-explanatory.

Not much explanation needed today! Some of my students worked SUPER hard on Friday and some goofed off. So.... the hard workers get to re-do the marshmallow project and do "true PBL" in which they get the opportunity to implement that changes we discussed as we wrapped up our project while those who chose not to participate in the peanut butter project on Friday will be working on the project not as a team, but individually.

Because our school is so small, I did not think we would need Hall passes, but a couple of my students have been leaving the room and roaming the school. No more students out of the room without a pass. But the good new is that when I searched TpT for free passes, I found some super cute ones. I think I downloaded enough hall passes to use a different design every year for the next 10 years. Now to choose one....

I hope you all are having a great Sunday and I really am grateful for the privilege of my job. I believe that being a teacher is a high calling. I believe I am lucky and there is no greater career for me. I am so blessed. And thanks to the God of my universe that I have been given a new perspective this morning.

Now, head over and get "the scoop."

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  1. The new perspective is great! I loved reading that you believe being a teacher is a higher calling. It truly is! I am so so blessed to be able to teach children every day. Wow. We are both blessed! Yum- those cupcakes are sounding good!

    Brooke from Countless Smart Cookies
    Countless Smart Cookies