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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Six for Saturday

I missed my Five for Friday linky.  But I thought I might write six things that happened this week and call it 6 for Saturday. That way I don't have to apologize for being late. lol. Hop over to Doodlebugs and read about everyone's week!

1.  Working on our Coffee House Project. Students are involved with one of four different committees. Not every student got to be part of the committee they chose as their first pick. But everyone got involved and together. We put plans into place for our Coffee House on October 2nd. So if you live near Mount Hope, Kansas, come on out at 7 p.m. on the 2nd and watch some talent, enjoy some drinks and snacks and see what these students put together.

Hospitality committee researching recipes

Collaboration between committess: Hospitality and Decor needed
to work together and share ideas. 

The public relations committee deciding what public announcements
need to be taken care of first. 
2.  This is what my 3rd/4th grade girls have been working on at recess. Here they are doing the splits. ;)

 3. Indoor recess. This is actually the follow up to the beginning of recess. We started with Just Dance. I found a Just Dance to You Don't Know You're Beautiful. I just like the implication in the words. But after we finished students could play games, play with math manipulatives, or on their computers.

They were working so hard, it was hard to tell it was recess! 
 4. Haikus. We are integrating our apple unit, with poetry, and we are in the process of writing poems to perform for our coffee house. This was the one we drafted together. More to come on this front....

5. Guess who's home from college?! So exciting!
We picked her up in Salina for the weekend....  
The name of this pizza is called Crazy Garden.
It was rich and tasty and overwhelmingly good.  
Gluten-free cheese pizza! Yum! 
6. Bonus.... Okay, I can't figure which other one thing to add. Here are few "random" pics and a thought or two.
Public relations group figure out how to incorporate art work
that the younger students did into the invitations. 

Life cylce of an apple. These are from Stacy Yates:

Oh how I have missed this... my girl, her friends, our couch, movies, late nights.... 

The whole house feels cleaner when the bathroom is tidy. And I
love my bathroom... 

Johnny Appleseed Day. Loved it because of so many things. One reason was that I saw grade level differentiation at it's best and in one lesson that started out as a reading lesson with lots of math in the middle covered history of famous Americans and of America and math and reading and science on levels from Kindergarten up to Third grade. Loved it. 

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