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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Letter time! 9-14-14

Sunday morning letters with Michelle at Big Time Literacy. I love because they can cover any and all areas of my life with humor, wit, sarcasm (usually the dripping kind), or grace and dignity, honor, or respect. They are just snippets, like a little dose of therapy wrapped up in letter.

Dear Fickle Mother Nature,
I love the weather the past few days. If fall could just linger awhile this year, I would be grateful. I realize that it could be 100 degrees again in the next few days, because apparently that is how it works. Just know that I, and the rest of the great state of Kansas, love the fall weather and the cool nights and reasonable daytime temperatures. I am inspired, I am ready to cook and bake and clean! The cooler temperatures have me at my best.
Fall frenzied Kansan

Dear Students,
It feels to me like all we do is practice rules, procedures and routines. But Friday there were no followers, just rebels. Rebellion does not become you. I cannot endorse any more incidents of anarchy rules.
your discouraged teach

Dear house,
If you could just clean yourself and encourage organization, I would really appreciate it. I can't live in this mess, and I don't have time to deal with it. Please call the cleaning fairies to come and work some serious magic.
Dirty Homeowner

Dear fellowship friends,
I miss you, I really do, but I am always exhausted and turning into a hermit. I miss Sunday morning coffee and Thursday night pizza. Not because of the coffee and pizza but because of the friendship, fellowship, and camaraderie. And did I mention sanity?
love and longing,
your not-so-anonymous friend

Dear family and friends,
I didn't die. But this really is just like my first year of teaching: long hours, lots of organizing, re-organizing, and planning.  If you see my hand waving above a sea of paperwork, please dive in and save me.
Overwelmed and out of oomph,
your child, sibling, and mother

Dear God,
Thanks for never walking away from me no matter what is going on in my life. Thanks for this job and these wonderful kids. Please help me to take my attention off of myself and keep the focus on you. Thank you for this epiphany that my focus is not where it belongs and the reminder to be grateful.
your faithless follower

I "write" this little letters in my head all the time.... while I'm driving, teaching, planning, exercising, etc., but on Sunday mornings my mind goes blank. Lucky readers, you get my momentary lapse of reason letters. ;)

Until next time.... Ms. Horn/Mom/teach/believer/skeptic/learner/sarcastically-fluent citizen.


  1. I could just totally say "Ditto" to the whole house letter. When they are done at your house, can the fairies come over to mine?

  2. It's great to be thankful. I'm right there with you regarding your "Dear God" letter. Enjoy your Sunday, Carrie! :)
    Literacy Loving Gals

  3. HI Carrie, I had some anarchists in my Classroom on Friday too! What is going on? Must be the changing winds of Autumn...hang in there ;)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  4. I'm sorry about the anarchy in your room on Friday, but I appreciate your (clever) writing about it! Here's to a beautiful week up ahead!
    Cheers :-)

  5. Your house and my house need to talk and get together and clean up themselves. Let's make this happen :)