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Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday.... March 28

Hey look!It's Friday! In some ways this first week back after Spring Break went quickly. But in some ways it was the longest, slowest week ever! Five for Friday... my favorite linky! Head over to Doodlebugs to find out why! Five random things from my week.
1. First grade read about strawberries this week. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

Writing about why we like strawberries. The questions was do you like strawberries, yes
or no? We didn't have anyone that answered no. 
"I like strawberries because they are juicy."
"I like strawberries because they are good. they are juicy. I like them." 

"I like strawberries because they are good on ice cream."
"I like strawberries because they are jousy."

2. After Spring Break it was necessary to go over what I expect from my Second Grade group. Then we dove in to a small project about deer. They read a realistic fiction book about deer and then sorted what could really happen and what could not. I have to say, maybe deer can dance, but I still made them put it in the "couldn't really happen" category. 

Realistic fiction but filled with lots of facts! 

3. Third grade started a huge project this week. They are working on a wax museum. They are researching someone and have to research how this person changed the world for the better. One of the students had this eraser. It just hit me as hilarious. Gotta love it. 

4. Okay, I had to throw this in. The other night I wouldn't let the cat climb on my lap. He was not happy. This was his response. It cracks me up when he sits close to me with his back to me just to make sure that I know he is mad. 

5. Mom and Punky night. We went all out. A movie from redbox, and supper: popcorn, brownies, PEEPS, more junk food (sweet tart jelly beans), and ice cream (lots and lots of ice cream). Healthy I know. We pigged out, then took turns doing each other's hair, and then snuggling on the couch til the end of the movie. 

My Punky-girl and I.
I forgot to mention the sandwich. I thought we should have it
to "balance" things out.

Yay, brownies. 

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