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Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday, Rockin' it Spring Break Style!

It is Friday and I am having a wonderful Spring break style Five for Friday. Five for Friday is a weekly linky party where you post five random things from your week or your day and link up with Doodlebugs. Head over and read up!

1. Best friend time. My bff since.... oh, say... Kindergarten, came to visit. We had a blast together. She and I both took on new careers in our 40's and have much to share with each other. We also have that best friend thing where we know each other all the way through and still manage to love/like each other. It is nothing short of amazing.

Here we are in my daughter's bakery in Wichita. If you are gluten intolerant (or not) and
are in the Wichita, KS area, check out bakery! 

2. Job interview! I had an interview on Wednesday. I once again "flunked" the question about formative assessments. I cried about it HERE. Seriously though, we all know interviewing is hard.  I find it difficult to put into words ways that I assess formatively, especially when interviewing for multiple grade level positions. Formative assessments are going to look different at the Fourth Grade level than they will at the Kindergarten level. But really I am just asking for your input. What do you do for formative assessments and what grade level is that for? I could use help defining what I do and adding more options to the tool belt! Thanks!
Look here for this rubric.

Obviously this is not for formative assessment. This is the writing rubric I found on a free download! It is wonderful. Below it are the definitions I wrote for myself so I would maintain consistency. I know rubrics and 6 trait writing are ways to formally assess. I just want to identify more ways to assess as the lesson unfolds. * I did not design the rubric, and I cannot link you directly to it, but it was made and posted on  I can in no way take credit for the rubric. *

3. My baby headed off to Nashville, TN, on Sunday morning in cold and snow. Yes, there were actually snow flurries as she boarded the bus.  She went with the McPherson Arts Council Children's Choir and they sang and took in the sights and even had a choreography workshop. She gets home tonight.

4. My other baby had senior pictures taken yesterday. Where has the time gone?! Here is the preview picture that he sent me! Tim Stewart photography in Lindsborg, KS. I know you were asking. 

5. Last day of the break. I know, I know, we still have the weekend. But my baby comes home tonight and I will be soaking her up! I miss her so much! Today I am having lunch with a friend and organizing some things in my home. I also hope to attack my gardens, they are full of leaves and dead stuff and the crocus and new life are trying to poke through.  I hope to plant some morning glories today. I have tons of seeds on the porch as well as I bought some different colors. 

Morning Glory seeds that fell off the vines and are still on the porch.

If you look carefully near the front edging you can see a crocus poking through the brown and dried up old stuff.


  1. Ahhhh, spring and crocuses. It is like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy your daughter and the warmer weather.

  2. I have a friend from first grade. I moved away in 8th grade...but we continued our friendship over the 300 or so miles. I also have seen a few crocus trying to poke through the leaves. Ah...spring is here. Sorry, I don't think I would be much help with formative assessments since I have been retired for five years and was a counselor for 20 years. So glad your daughter is coming home from her adventures on her choir trip. I am sure she will have lots of stories.