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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five for Friday.... thanks Dr. Seuss for livening things up.

It feels like Saturday, but it's only Friday. And I had a fabulous week, so I'll try to find the best five things to share about. It's time to link up with Doodlebugs and post five random things from my week.

1. First grade comprehension extension. Writing a story about a food the student thought they would not like but once they tried it they found out that they liked it. Patterned after, you know it, Green Eggs and Ham.

2. Did I hear the words "Second Grade"? Yes, I love them. Yes, I can't really help it. Yes, yes, yes. Second grade is doing "Dr. Seuss Centers" for 6 days. One lesson plan, six rotations. OH yeah. And.... second grade classroom teachers did the plans. My group is doing a project about their self (?) and one thing that makes them who they are. The bubble says: "I am I because I..." Before we started our project we read Oh the Places You'll Go. How did those Second Grade teachers know? It's my favorite! :)

My favorite, favorite, favorite bubble said, "I am I because I am a good reeder. I am a good cleener." I love it because this dear learner has been a struggling reader since she was in the Kindergarten class I student taught in. I know how much she has struggled, I know how far she has come. I almost cried when I saw her words. Then, she couldn't help herself, right? She just had to read to me from a Dr. Seuss book. She read Hop on Pop. With gusto. With enthusiasm. She grinned from ear to ear the entire time. Enthusiasm for learning! I love it!

3. Speaking of Oh the Places You'll Go.... it came today! Because it is much more about life than it is about children's literature. So it came and I'll put it aside for a certain Redhead who is graduating from high school in May. Hooray.

4. Personally....
I am taking the "Slice of Life" challenge again this year. A challenge to write every day for the month of March and post on the The Two Writing Teachers' blog. I am doing this in my personal blog. You can read it here. Click on the "slice of life" photo to go to their site and read about everyone's slices of life.

5. More personally... Or professionally. Or something. 
Some very exciting things on horizon. Say a prayer. Think a good thought. Feel a warm feeling. I could use it. I am looking to the future with anticipation. 

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