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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently.... March 2014

Can you believe it is March? Especially since it is a whopping 11 degrees right now and predicted to get down to 3 tonight and we are in a winter storm with snow and sleet and freezing rain. Yuck! Think Spring! And go link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Listening to.... Tombstone. One of my all time favorite movies. So I am sitting here keeping warm with a dog by my side and blanket on my lap.

Loving.... I can't wait to celebrate Dr. Seuss! I know many of you have already celebrated, but we are celebrating in Second Grade for the next two weeks.  I am doing a project with students after reading Oh The Places You'll Go. Seriously?! My all time favorite Seuss! Love it! I cannot wait!

Thinking about the future. As many of you know... I am working as a reading assistant this year and I have always heard that this is the way to "get my foot in the door" in my district, but now I am hearing some different rumblings/rumors. So I wonder what the future will bring and how I am going to make ends meet this summer.

Wanting.... not much. I am aware tonight of how blessed I am. I am warm, safe, and happy in my home with my children and pets and life's storms can rage all they want to outside, I am in my cozy place.

Needing.... a teaching job. Well, you know, I AM a teacher, and I AM teaching, but I need to teach in a classroom and I need to make a teaching wage that is steady and predictable. I have filled out a LOT of applications recently. Some to positions in "coveted" districts, districts that any teacher would love to be a part of! So I am praying some prayers and trusting and trying to "let go" and trust God to do the stuff that I can't do.

?????????? .... Did you guess? Do you know what the question is? You could state it as: What are the names of our pets? or you could say: Who are the furr-babies that live at our house? Hundley is our little red dachshund, Sam is our beloved cat, and Charlee is our hamster.

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  1. It is super cold here in OK as well! Supposed to get a bit of an ice storm overnight tonight. I hope your prayers get answered about finding a job soon! I personally know how frustrating it can be! And Yay Seuss Week! We are doing it this week as well! I'm excited about it!

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  2. Replies
    1. I think you are the one always doing the snow dance! The last time I did a snow dance, I had to leave school early, got admitted to the hospital and we had TWO snow days! No more snow dancing for me! ha ha!

  3. I said a prayer for you to get a full-time job- with a steady, predictable wage.
    I love this format- listening to, loving, thinking about, wanting, needing...may try it tomorrow!