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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Random Things....

Five for Friday.... hooray! My favorite linky. Five for Friday is when I get to post five random things from this week. This lovely linky is hosted by Doodlebugs, so hop on over and read awhile. Here it is....

1. My daughter's class had fraction Wednesday this week. I think they had Fraction Friday only on Wednesday because the students (well, pre-K through 8th grade anyway) started Spring Break on Thursday. We used our Mom and daughter time to decorate shirts this week. I made a St. Patrick's Day shirt and she made a Fraction Wednesday shirt. I do not know where I will wear this shirt since we don't have school, but alas, I will be prepared, St. Patrick's Day will come around again next year.

2. First grade guided reading this week.... we read the book I'm a Seed. It is about the life cycle of a seed. And the story is about a marigold and pumpkin plant. We finished our week by planting a marigold and pumpkin seed. We also did a life cycle of a plant cut and paste project. It was out of Plant Life Cycle Pack... by Jennifer Knopf.  (In case you are looking for something like this, this pack is well worth the investment!) We also wrote a prediction about which seed would sprout first, the marigold or the pumpkin.

3. These two Second graders read some Dr. Seuss after finishing their "I am I because I...." projects. They read in funny voices and really dove in to the stories! Probably what cracked me up the most was that they are both a little shy and quiet in the classroom. 

4. Fourth grade this week... We read about Students who made a difference in their community, then we brainstormed ways to make a difference in our community and we wrote about it. Our short week didn't allow much time to develop their stories. But the goal is to get them to think about the moral issues that they can have a hand in solving, how to write about it, and what a well-written paper looks like. 

5. Spring Break! We are officially on break and my girl will soon be Nashville bound. I am excited for her, worried about her, anticipating the break and dreading the time apart. I am so proud of her for being in the choir, bonding with these kids, doing the work to succeed, and overcoming her anxieties and fears. I know she will have a wonderful trip and a great time. Her bags are not completely packed yet, but her toes are ready! We decided we couldn't fit "music city" on her toes, so we just put the Tennessee abbreviation a few times and tried to fill in the last toes with music notes. 


  1. Love the toe nails! I am sure your daughter will have a great time. I remember choir trips and it was a great time for bonding with others. Looks like you had a busy time to relax. Jackie

  2. Enjoy your spring break! The shirts are awesome!