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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently....

It's going to seem a little redundant. It just does. I guess I will stop typing about some things when they come to pass. Until then....

Read my Currently or read all the Currently's out there. Thanks Farley for hosting every month!

First of all, let's all applaud that this old dog learned a new trick. sort of. I managed to do my Currently in Picasa with relative success. Hooray!

Listening.... I have not drown out my daughter's zen music with television noises yet, as I usually do. But it does sound pretty peaceful and relaxing.

Loving.... that since we are back in Kansas we can have my folks (or my sister's family) over for the evening if we want to. Ah.... home.

Thinking.... I've been on rant lately, maybe even a rampage. Struck with the thought that I am not alone in the world of feeling like a misfit, but that many people struggle with feeling like they are misunderstood and like they don't fit in. It is both overwhelming to realize this and freeing. I am not alone. And yet I am saddened.

Wanting.... "that" phone call. More on this at a later date.

Needing.... a job. (could the want and need be related? perhaps).

Hours and Days: I am scheduled to arrive at my job at 7:45 and I can actually stay until 3:45, but a lot of my colleagues are gone by then. And when I am salaried again, I will likely be at work long past the time to go home. Some sick part of me likes it like that.  Our last day is May 24. I think it is a 12:30 dismissal. And since I am not certified staff this year, my year can be over then. But I will have things to pack up and take home.

That is my Currently for April. Read about so many more over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! 

p.s. for the month of March I joined up with Two Writing Teachers for their Slice of Life posts. I loved writing every day. You can read them here. Or read what other writing teachers wrote by going to Two Writing Teachers blog.


  1. I also try to drown out my daughter's night time CD with the TV. Like you sometimes I just listen to it for relaxation. It sings songs with her name in them and I have pretty much memorized the whole CD. I hope that you get the job you want. I know how that anxious feeling is just waiting to be hired. Good luck!
    Love Teaching Kids

  2. Good luck with the phone call and job! The hunt is never fun, but the ending result is well worth it! :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher