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Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

So last week I couldn't even bring myself to post a Five for Friday. I was fairly certain last week that I would be getting the other call, the one that I don't typically get, a call requesting me to be the newest member of their teaching team. But I didn't. I got the call saying that they offered the position to someone else and that the someone else accepted it. I have had so many lousy interviews where I just fell on my face, and I was a bumbling fool, but not this one. I nailed it. Not meaning to brag people but seriously, I. NAILED. IT. One of the administrators in the interview even commented on how well I interviewed. That was a win, in and of itself. But I was truly disheartened that I didn't get the job. I was saddened. And the cycle begins again. I didn't cry this time. And another job slipped through my fingers since then, and again I didn't cry. So... progress. And THE job is still out there. I'm here, I'm back. It's time to link up for Five for Friday! Five "random" things from my week.

1. Good news! I think my child will actually be graduating from high school in a few short weeks! Bad news! I have not secured a place for a reception. So.... we are going to start working on the basement. I mean, nothing like deciding six weeks before graduation that we should put up a wall, cover said wall, cover the other framed walls, and make a party room. Where did the time go? And how am I going to get ready for this?! Stay tuned. It will be fun to post as it progresses.
This is a before picture. I got the stuff off the floor and onto the shelves. These shelves will soon
be in a storage room. The doors you see in the picture will be on that storage room and the laundry room. 

2. Third graders are working diligently on their Wax Museum presentations. They chose a person in history, they did reports on them, gathered information from the internet, and are making things to enhance their presentations: a commemorative corner, ANAGRAM, and Bio-Cube. They are gathering props, and writing speeches. I "caught" them working today, but they wanted to be caught on film, showing their smiling faces to the world. 
He really was hard at work before he realized I was going to take his picture! 

3. Identifying Character traits. That's what Fourth grade is working on. One day we filled in a Character web as we read.  Today we scoured some descriptive traits that we might use to describe our characters.  Then we wrote a paragraph. Well, they asked if they could write more than a paragraph. I had to cut them off and tell them time was up. We had a discussion about character traits and I put some pointers on the board. I overhead one student as he read to check for errors.... "This is really good!" I am really excited to read what they wrote and grade them. 

4. Personal news.... I will be working at my old stompin' grounds this summer, taking care of 3/4 year olds at Kids Kampus! Hooray! I am so excited to see Ms. Wanda and my friends there this summer! I can't wait! It will be good to reconnect, and because of the nature of my job this year, I will not be paid by my district this summer, so I am very grateful for an income. 

5. I don't have any pictures, but some of my intervention kiddos are moving around and it is exciting. It is exciting because some of them are really taking off! And I will be working with a different student than I have had before this. I have had this student in guided reading, but not in intervention. I am ready for the changes and the challenge! Bring it on! 

So that is my week in a nutshell. Some things that happened in the world of education this week, I didn't get photos of, and they will be much more effective with a photo. One project in particular we will still be working on this next week. So I will make sure to take a few photos, so I can include it in my next Five4Friday. 

Happy Weekend! I think Kansas might get some of her infamous storms this weekend. But I sure hope not. I hope for more of this lovely, windows-open kind of weather! 

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