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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Truth Monday (on Tuesday).... My dream vacation

Last week's truth was about holiday disasters. And I was afraid to participate. This week, is about where we would go to get away from the stress. And it was hard to type. Maybe I have too many dream vacations. Maybe it is dependent on where I am at emotionally in this very moment.  Maybe....

I realized I didn't even include a romantic scenario at all. Wow. I think I'm getting better. I love men, don't get me wrong. Wait, that is the point, I love men. And that statement sometimes skews my view on life in the real world. So.... not to toot my own horn, but maybe just a little beep, beep, seems my head is on pretty straight this morning.

What would your dream vacation look like? Head over to Sunny Days in Second Grade and read everyone's. And maybe even link up.

As I read back through here, the truly "dream vacation" for me is the middle one. Sneak off with my bestie.  I have a dream/goal/aspiration to take my kids places someday. I want to take them to Disney World and I want to take them on a cruise.  But those sound like work to me, especially the Disney vacation. I love my time with my girls, and I don't mind making those sacrifices, but the truly indulgent vacation would be the scene when I sneak off from kids, job, pets, and just breathe and relax.

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