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Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday.... less school, more family

Time for Five for Friday. Thanks Doodlebugs for hosting my favorite linky party! Head over and read about everyone's week!
Here are five things from my week.

1. This week I had morning supervision. Our room is responsible for supervision for second grade. Second grade students come to our room waiting for the bell to ring to go to class, and we read to them. One of my colleagues has fabulous Halloween stories, and one day I read: The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey.  I loved it.  Of course, I have a little red dachshund, so I may be biased.

2. Our first graders are learning color words. I am digging through my color worksheets to find appropriate teaching tools and fun color sheets that help them solidify their color word knowledge.

3. One kiddo is in need of senior pictures. My amazing friend helped us put color in her hair so she is ready for senior pictures.  Not every teenage girl finds her look to be appropriate, but I think it is a great expression of her.


4. Here are my children on Halloween.
I grew up celebrating Halloween. Then I decided I didn't want to celebrate "Satan's holiday." Then I looked at how many other holidays have "pagan" origins. So to say I've been a bit wishy-washy with my girls in my views on Halloween and it's celebration would be accurate. I want to model my spiritual beliefs for my children but I think my example is best given when I remember the power of my beliefs. As a teacher, I want children to feel free to come to my house and to feel safe.  I want them to have fun. I think it would be appropriate to say to myself, "lighten up!" That's my goal.

5. This little Punkin was born three years ago.  She's a little miracle and we all love her. My friend Sara and her children suffered devastating loss when their baby Isabella died of sudden infant death syndrome. It was extremely traumatic. And this little miracle came along and brought healing for her family, which I have no "real" claim on, but I claim to be a part of anyway.
For her birthday she wants.... "a lot of stuff!" (in her favorite
colors~ pink, and blue, and purple!)

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