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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"My Teacher Always Says...." A linky party.

I love linky parties! I am joining Forever in First for a her "My Teacher Always Says" linky. I will share a few of those things I say over and over and over again.
The one that all my students can finish for me is this:  "Drink lots of water. Do your homework. Go to bed early." I think that most children don't drink enough water. I remind my students every day to practice their reading homework.  Most students don't get enough sleep. I talked to a parent about their son falling asleep in class and the parent really didn't know what was an appropriate bed time was.

I am always talking about their "jobs." I always say: "What is your job." or "Do your job." Then I usually say something about when they do their job they have to do their best. Most of them can finish sentences with "best" or "job."

Another one: "Who's responsibility is it?" I remind them frequently that it is my responsibility to teach them but it is their responsibility to take their homework home, to do the work, and to bring it back. The responsibility and job phrases are relatively interchangeable.

I know there are other things I say besides just our routines and procedures, but I can't think of them. We use a voice level system and I often ask, "What level voice do we use right now?"

Oh! My favorite thing I say! "We can practice flexibility (and they have to flex their knees when we say it)." "When plans change...." (and we sort of hold our hands up like we don't know), " we go with the flow. (we move our hands like a river flowing when we say that)."

What do you always say to your class? Hop over and read and link up!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to link up. It's been great reading all the wonderful, clever things that teachers are saying in their classrooms! Thanks again!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Ohh, my gosh! "Who's responsibility is it?" I say that all the time! or "It's not my responsibility to (fill in the blank)." Usually it is (keep track of your pencil!

    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  3. p.s. I say "I will be the teacher all day today" when students over-remind me of something.... "Ms. Horn, You said....(fill in the blank)" to which I often reply, "I'm going to be the teacher today, and I will decide when we...." Sometimes I tell my students that if they want to pay my student loans, they can teach today, if not, I will still be the teacher.