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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Favorite Things: getting fit

It's a linky party kind of summer! Today I am linking up with Across the Hall to join her favorite things linky.  This weeks is about getting fit. Well, I am hot and then cold when it comes to getting fit. But here goes!
1. Walking is my go-to activity. It is really my only activity.  I know without a doubt that I will not be faithful to other activities if I add them in. Walking is something I can do with my kids if I want, and they want, and well, if we all want. And the dog. Okay, maybe not the dog so much. He wants to go. But his little short dachshund legs just can't do 3 miles very well. Usually, walking = solitude. Peace and quiet and time with God. When I develop a walking routine I become more spiritually fit as well. Sorry, no pic.

2. A good 5-K. Really it is about goal-setting. There are two 5K's I want to do in August so I should really get started now. If I do, I might not embarrass myself. I will never be a speed demon, and I probably won't be able to run 3 miles in the next year of my life. But if I start now I will be able to make a 15 minute mile walking and about a 12-13 minute mile if I do intervals. My favorite thing about this is that I can do this with my oldest daughter.  Last summer we did the Run For your Momma 5-K around the Marion County Lake. Whoo, there are some hills there, for sure!
last August before the race....

3. Good shoes. The last pair I bought were Sauconys but my feet don't really like them. My feet like New Balance shoes the best.
4. Music. I like to have music, but seriously my favorite thing is when I am outdoors and I can just absorb the sounds around me.... birds, the wind, even the trains. So actually, maybe my favorite thing is the serenity and solitude. I'll settle for music when I have to settle for a treadmill. 

5. Treadmill? Hmmm. Walking/running outdoors is what I really like.  But one of the reasons that I like to walk is that I can do it outdoors when weather permits and I can use a treadmill when it's appropriate.

6. Map my Run app. I love this free little app for my phone. It tells me how many miles an hour I am traveling and keeps track of my distance. It is really cool. 

Those are my favorite things about getting fit, or that I use to get fit, or whatever. And I didn't even mention that I once I actually commit, I LOVE the way I feel. I'm off to church, but then I am going to get online and get registered for the "Run for your Momma" 5-K, and the Sedgwick County Glow Run.  Stay tuned, you know I will post more about this! 

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! What a wonderful bonding experience with your daughter. I should look into doing something similar with my mom.

    Have a great night :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade