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Saturday, June 29, 2013

July.... Currently

Hard to believe that July is upon us already. Big doin's at our house this week: birthday week. On Thursday America and I celebrate our birthdays, the grand lady is a little bit older than this lady. Saturday is my oldest daughter's birthday, and Sunday is Red's birthday. We usually celebrate them all together. And I have a granddaughter that had a birthday in June that I have not gotten to celebrate with, so I will add her to the list. So July is going to start off at a run.  I am hearing rumors that summer is half over and I feel like mine has barely just begun with the move and all. But Monday is the beginning of July and it is time to link up with Farley for Currently.

Listening to the quiet as I rejoice in the fact that I actually did not get on the computer, check email, etc. while my daughter and I watched a movie. And how cute it was when she said, "I guess I will go to sleep pretty quickly tonight since there are only 58 minutes left before midnight!" I am an internet junkie and I have the worst habits of having a million things going on at once, it was wonderful to take a little time just to hang out with my Punkin, and now to listen to the peace and quiet knowing she fell asleep feeling cared about.

Loving the cupboard I bought yesterday! My bff from forever, my lifelong friend, and I we like to meet up in the little town of Marion, Kansas.  We have discovered that there are endless antique stores there and fun little novelty shops. Marion is about half way between her home and mine. It's doable and it makes for a fun day-trip. Our favorite antique shop was not open yesterday and we could have called and someone would have come down and let us look around. But this time we chose to check out some stores we might not have gone into otherwise. We even went into the yarn shop and ran into an old friend of mine. One of the little antique places we went into, we noticed that they are selling the building.  I saw this cupboard I just loved. It was a display case and not for sale but I thought to myself... "if they are selling the building, what will they do with all the display stuff?" So I ventured to ask. And the owner said she would ask her daughter who owned the cupboard and call back. Here is the treasure that we put a "sold" sign on yesterday. Mind you, when it comes to me, it will not have the merchandise on it.  It will sit in my dining area and house some snacks that I never have cupboard space for and various things that should be handy for the table at holiday time or dinner times with family. It will serve as a resting place for food at family gatherings when everything doesn't fit on the table.
Thinking that I need to get serious about settling in and getting things unpacked. Some of the problem has to do with not having the right furniture to get settled. But I am making progress on that. And another thing is that I felt a little bit ripped off and lacking in a summer break. I didn't feel like I had gotten to relax and have fun before we moved at all.  The pressure was always present, no matter what. So I have taken a really lax approach. We've taken some time for summer bucket projects and I have been working on my yard and making it homey for the beloved birds that inhabit the yard. But I am getting frustrated with living out of boxes. So it is time to stop messing around and get it put together!!

Wanting too many things to mention. I have made a few purchases and I have a few "needs" still on the list and when that happens, the number of items I think I "need" just grows and grows. I need a few new clothes for the job that I know is out there that I just have not been hired for yet. I need to purchase window crank to replace the one that was missing on the egress window when we moved back in. I need to find a dresser for the Redhead.  I need to think about talking to the bank about financing a different car if I am going to be commuting to work. Want, want, want. Okay, the car thing, that borders on need.  But honestly, we have very few needs.

Needing a job. I am not really going to elaborate since it keeps showing up on everything I post. I know the right job is out there, I know God is big enough to bring it to me and me to it, I am human enough to be starting to be very concerned about our finances.

Tips, tricks or hints. Join linky parties like this one in order to have a structure to blog about during times when you want to share so much, but need a starting place or some sort of direction.  It also acquaints you with so many great bloggers out there and you become part of a community and you can see how other teachers organize, teach and use great products. That was the most helpful advice I have gotten as to what I should do about blogging.

Happy July! Thanks Farley for hosting this every month. Thursday I am going to have a bang-up time celebrating another year of life. We will attend a party at a friends and possibly swim in the pool, we will enjoy LOTS of good food, and set off fireworks.  Because his fabulous yard borders the park, we will watch the city firework display from his yard.  What will you do on the fourth of July? Something special? Time with friends? Time with family? Parades? BBQs? Honor our nation?


  1. Hi there! I enjoyed reading through your Currently! I love the new cupboard. Good luck with the job pursuit! You are correct - the right job is out just takes time, sometimes, to find it!

  2. Great advice! At first I only followed other kindergarten bloggers but there are so many other great blogs out there! Good luck finding a job!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  3. I am keeping you in my thoughts, I know that you will get the perfect job before you know it!

    Ms. Shope's Class

  4. I agree that the Currently linky brought a lot of visitors to my blog. Good luck getting the right J.O.B.
    Kids Math Teacher