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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently, a Linky Party

The new month has begun, alive with so much potential! I began this post last night and ran out of steam. June first we made the first trek back with a trailer of stuff. It wasn't hugely full, but it should make it so we can get everything in the Uhual in a couple weeks. I cannot explain the joy we felt as we pulled up to OUR house. My teenage daughter and I danced and rejoiced. We danced in the house, we danced on the porch, we danced in the street.  After we made it inside the house, I declared "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!" (This is a quote from the movie Elf).

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I had to update this. Last night I was lying there listening to my children sleep. It's a beautiful sound. But the birds singing, that is priceless as well. Oh how I love being home. I can't wait to fill the bird feeders and start digging in the dirt.

Loving my home. Little bit of an understatement!! It is NOT just wood and nails, it is grit and sweat and love and generosity and second chances and change and potential. It is my Habitat for Humanity house and I love it. We had a HOME here and we are moving back. Oh, I might start crying again.

It probably IS wrong to feel this giddy about a house. It is just a structure, and a home is wherever a family is. God tells us not to lay up treasures here on earth and I thought I was obedient to that, but this is my home, where I belong. I love it and it loves me. Well, it makes me so happy anyway. It is also a gift from God, so I had to make sure I take care of it! I really do love it.

Wanting a job. What kind of fool would move even without a job? The same crazy fool that packed up and left her friends, family, church, support groups, community and HOME just to be a teacher. Yes, I love teaching, and yes, it was worth it (I think???).  But there is no honor in not paying your bills. And I cannot afford to live where I was.  The housing shortage enables landlords to name their price and to take mediocre (or worse) care of housing.  So we are moving back with the blind faith that the right job, the one God picked for me, will show up (and I won't blow the interview).

I don't need much. Moving is costly and I am worried about the expense. But my folks have already helped oodles and are involved and helpful. And my friend that I call my fake Husband, Jim, borrowed a trailer, made the trip to the panhandle, helped load out, made the long (gas-guzzling) trip back and helped unload said trailer. With friends like these! :) Ha! We will make it because of friends (family) like this. And I know my God will supply my needs and I will get a job. I have an interview tomorrow (and a date with my summer bucket list as well). This interview tomorrow is a bit of a commute, and I don't know if it is the "right" job for me, but I know that a job is better than no job, and a job where I am respected and welcomed is worth a commute. I needed a break from my Kinders, but school's been out for a week now and I miss them and I pray for them and wish for their hugs and wonder what they are doing and if they are reading and writing.

I was feeling pretty goofy when I got to the Vacay stuff. Most of my Vacay plans this summer are more or less Staycay plans. Day trips with the kiddos. To really feel like its a vacation, I need the kids to come with me, at least the two that live at home. It is no fun to go without cash. Even if it is an inexpensive or no expense idea (like Coronado Heights). It feels better with a little cash in the pocket and the potential of a stop at DQ on the way home or a visit to the snocone hut before headed home. Karma. Well, I was just on a /k/ kick and threw that in. But Vacays need to refresh and that is spiritual.  It might be through connecting with friends, might be through connecting with kids, or seeing the beauty of nature or having an epiphany of everything I have to be grateful for. Life is good today. I hope to remember that, no matter what Vacay spot I hit.... The bucket list for this summer only includes little day trips, but they should be fun  and refreshing none-the-less.

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  1. I love your grateful attitude! It's so refreshing!!
    Ms. Shope's Class

  2. You are refreshing! I hope your new venture is as fabulous as your attitude. And you are one of my 3, the one after me! I am glad you joined in the linky...they are sooo much fun!
    Georgia Grown Kinders