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Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday! It's all about summertime!

Whoot! It's Friday! And the magic of Friday is... Five for Friday. I have been busy, but the days ARE starting to run together and I have to ask myself, "what day is it today?" It has been quite a week and some things will be hard to squeeze in because they really should have their own post. Hop over to Doodlebugs and read other Five for Friday blogs.

1. Last week, Heidi from Heidi Songs, posted this link on facebook last weekend! This was a stimulating discussion. I am not on LinkedIn so I didn't partake. But it stimulated a lot of thought about what I think a professional is and what I think a teacher is. (There is a blog post rolling around in my brain, but I haven't gotten it pounded out yet). To me, this discussion was not about tattoos, but about defining professionalism, and for me it stimulated me to contemplate what I think a teacher is. Here is the preview to a post that will still be coming: I see myself as a teacher and that is all encompassing. Being a teacher is not a profession for me, it is who I am, and sometimes that person doesn't qualify as a professional.

2. Bucket List!! We visited the Underground Salt Museum on Tuesday. This would have been a good field trip for our family, but to make it even better, we met up with family! My Aunt Karen had her grandkids, cousins who are really close with my kids (the teenagers are inseparable when they get together). And my Aunt Shirley brought her grand-daughter who is the same age as my youngest. We had a fabulous time!

I just loved this wall. It also showed the episode of "dirty jobs" that features the mine
(which is still active today)

Cousins ready to go down in the mine.

The sign says "Please TOUCH!! But don't climb"
This is a HUGE piece of salt.

Maryland cousins
We started this venture by eating at an Amish restaurant about 6 miles from the mine. The most interesting tidbit (I thought) was the the city of Chicago is the Hutchinson Salt Mine's biggest customer today.

3. I love being back in my home and I've really loved getting my yard back in shape. I love seeing the birds every day. I do not have pictures, but I now have a robin taking a bath every day in the bird bath, which is really fun to watch! The morning glories are starting to coming up so we should have porch coverage by fall. 

Spirea replacement. I had a little spirea out here and it was cut off at the roots
when we got back. So I bought a new one, I know you can't see it very well here! 

The "tried and true" flowers I ALWAYS plant are petunias and marigolds,
but we are too late in the season, so I'm trying some new plants this year! 

I got the bird feeders up too! And the garden ornaments (see the ducks?).
4. Storm. Last night we experienced 85+ mph straight winds. (sad face). Here are a few photos. 
This tree was struck by lightning.

This sunflower was big and gorgeous before the storm. Now it is sad and tired. 
5. On my way to see my BFF and fulfill bucket wishes by going antiquing. I am on my way to Marion, Kansas, to scour the antique shops and meet with my lifelong friend. This is awesome for so many reasons, but I have talking and talking to my kids about how it will be different when we move back and it might take work to reconnect with friends. Yeah, I am super lonely. So getting together with my friend is something I need for my soul.  I am super pumped!

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