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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Five for Friday (on Sunday)

Friday was load the Uhaul day and Saturday was move to Kansas day, so I am finally going to get to post on here on Sunday! One my favorite things every week is to hop over to Doodlebugs and read about everyone's week. So head over and read and if you are a teacher, you should link up!

1. Moving! Aaaaaaa! And Ahhhhh! I hate moving. Ever. And unless I get magically wealthy and can afford to build my dream house in the country I am not planning to willingly move again. My kids are going to drag me out of here kicking and screaming when they haul me to a nursing home.
I let Carolyn stay in Kansas with her Dad so I had to pack up her room in OK. This is the pic of the finished product. Yes, her Tie-Dye curtains are coming with us! :)

Sammy literally could not find a comfy place to sleep so he crawled in my basket of fuzzy socks to take a cat nap.

The oak tree that was planted the year we first moved here.  It is growing, ever so slowly.

Hooray! Our earthly possessions are arriving back in McPherson! 
Uhaul? We don't need no stinking Uhaul! Somehow our Uhaul order disappeared like magic. I couldn't find any record on my computer, Uhaul had no record at all.  It was a fiasco, disastrous dramatic event. There were no Uhauls available within a 150 mile radius of Guymon and we were put on a waiting list with 20 people ahead of us. So thanks to my teaching partner we thought to go ask a local car dealership and they were willing to empty the equipment they had stored in this trailer and rent it to us. I have a LOT of stuff, and we have house FULL of furniture. But my fam packed with extreme expertise and miraculously everything fit!
It did not take Sam very long to settle in. I didn't even have the top sheet on yet! And he got photo-bombed my a cute little Punkin!
2. Happy Father's Day Dad. My Dad has worked really hard to help me this last year. He worked on my house to make it nicer for the renters after I moved and he worked and worked and worked to help us get back here when we realized we were moving back.
At the restaurant after the trailer and vehicles were empty and we were officially back in our home.
If he looks tired, he is, we all were (....and my daughter stole his cap).
3. Here's to summer break!! Hats off to all your teachers who teach well into June! Wow! School was out May 24 for me and I was completely packed and out of my classroom by the first of June.  But I was packing and orchestrating a move and stressed and not feeling like it was summer break. Now I feel a big "Ah"! I feel like summer just started. Even though I woke up pretty early today, I didn't have to set an alarm and I don't have to stay up half the night getting things done. The moving crew thought I was weird yesterday because I made them take almost all the boxes to the basement.  But I learned this trick when I moved in here.  Just put the furniture in the room and then bring in one box at a time and you feel "settled" almost immediately. That was one of the best moving tips anyone could ever give to me. So now I'll slowly start to unpack and organize and it will go much faster because I am not fighting with boxes at every turn.

4. Projects to Pin and make!! My summer "to do" list just grew! Or officially kicked off or something! I might just get to participate in "Made it Monday" this summer. Whoo! I have some grim reaper towels to make. Not really grim reaper, but I made a hooded towel for Punky a couple summers ago and I used a pretty big towel for the hood and it appears to be a bit grim reaper-ish. My friend in OK bought towels for me to make her one and it didn't get done yet and I bought stuff to make one for my teenager. So... that is project number one. I saw a super cute tablecloth on pinterest that was made from bandannas.  I decided I can make a comforter for Punky out of bandannas. A long time ago already (before we moved to OK) I cut pieces to make myself a purse. Since I hate patterns I am not exactly sure how I want to do everything, so it has just stayed in my sewing stuff and has not gotten done. And then there's the teacher clipboard that I never have made, the mod-podge one. I bought the stuff when I was student teaching. I "need" to do that. 

5. I still need a job. I think I use the wrong words in interviews. "What makes you be sure to cover everything and make sure your students get what they need?" Pressure. I think the right word was passion.  It is driven by my sense of responsibility to the little people that I teach.  I don't wake up at night wondering if my Kinders from this year are ready for next year, but I think about it.  Did I cover this enough? Did little guy or gal who struggles get enough support in this area? What if someone "fell through the cracks" and isn't ready for the first grade? Will they have a great first grade teacher to get them on-track? Will it affect the rest of their life? I feel a great responsibility to get these students ready for the next year of school, and that does create an internal pressure.  What I hope that what shows through all my bumbling in interviews (seriously, some sort of an idiot takes over my mind and body in interviews) is my passion for my kiddos and my insane desire to see them succeed. Getting a job offer will not be the result of how great I interview (ever probably) but a result of the interviewer seeing God's purpose in me and that I have great love my students and feel a sense of responsibility to cover what my school and state expects of me as their teacher. So... I know it is at God's feet.  And I hope I will be able to sleep at night and not worry too much because I did work really hard this year and I put in some insane hours as a first year teacher and I need this summer break to be a break. Can I get an amen? 

What are you all doing this summer? What have you accomplished on your bucket list? How are you rejuvenating and relaxing? What are you doing to be ripe and ready for the next school year? What are you doing to further your education as a teacher? I really want to know! Thanks for stopping by! I love to read your comments!