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Friday, June 26, 2015

Points to Ponder

Last night I met up with some other Central Kansas teachers. Most of them were First grade teachers and many of them were within the same district. So... I think I get an extra cookie for stepping outside my comfort zone and going even though I was definitely the odd one out.

I did have some inspirational moments though. One of the teachers that attended brought a picture of the new table she had made for her room. It was amazing. It's coffee table height and chalkboard on the top and painted a bright green. It made me think.... what if I provide some kind of table that is coffee table height? Kid could kneel or sit on a pillow and use it for writing or reading or other center activities. So, bright idea number one. I'm on the hunt for a cheap or free coffee table for my classroom.

I heard of a superhero hotline that only the teacher can use! She can pick it up and have a direct line to superhero headquarters and give a good report! I'm pondering a way to tweak this to make it work in my room.

I like the idea of a cape for superhero birthdays!

I was super excited to hear about some other grant ideas than just Donor's choose. Donor's choose is awesome. I haven't designed a grant on there yet, but I am happy to hear of other options!

That's the bulk of what I took away from last night's teacher meet up. It was fun and exciting. Let's do it again soon!

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  1. So fun! Was this Alyce's meet-up? You can get little coffee tables at IKEA for $8! Are you close by one?