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Friday, June 19, 2015

My Friday Five....

Join Doodlebugs teaching for the party! Head over and read and possibly join up.
1. Flower gardens. Gardens. Work. *sigh* Deep breath. Let me back up a little bit. I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to dig in the dirt. Then one day, I pushed myself to just do it. Water my plants, take care of them, weed them and it made me remember how much I love to dig in the dirt, it reminded me that I love the smell of dirt and I take pride in my flower gardens. I had forgotten because this is how my flower bed looked.

  Progress. Hooray for progress.

Here are my irises. My beautiful irises.

More progress. This is how it looked when I quit for the day yesterday.

2. The other side.... this is the garden that I'm loving this year so far. And in the back corner is the glorious tomato plant. The day I pushed myself to get out there and water and weed and surprise.... there's a red, ripe tomato on the plant. It was SO exciting! And now I have even gotten a second tomato off of that plant.

This little beauty was bright red when I found it! Yum!

I picked this one a little bit early to let it finish ripening inside, I so don't want the birds to find my tomatoes!
This picture is really for Michelle at BTL! These are my cherry tomatoes! Can you see them?

3. This little one! This precious little one is my niece. She was very, very sick yesterday. I was glad she could hang out at her Aunt Carrie's once she felt better. I know what it is like to have sick kids, I wanted to sit with her parents while this one was being cared for by professionals. I was lucky enough to live in the town where they went to the Doctor. 

4.I found this random picture from earlier this year. Reminded me of Kid President. Gotta love that kid. He is truly inspiring to me.

So go out and be awesome people!
5. The pets. They are spoiled rotten. When you see this picture you can tell where my daughter had been sitting on the couch.
Sammy was first sleeping in the corner and then The Redhead sat down and the pups had to join her. 

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