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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I can hardly believe it is June. 2015 is flying by! It's time to link up with Farley for Currently.

I love hear the birds sing and the quiet in the house before everyone else is up.
I am loving that I will be teaching Kindergarten next year! I can't wait! Kindergarten is where I student taught and taught my first year of teaching. It is a magical place and I am so excited to be back in Kindergarten! Thank you all for the prayers, good thoughts, and so on! I could definitely feel them!
Thinking.... ignoring these ants has not corrected the problem. Now we have flying ants invading our eating space.
Wanting my book studies to start already! I know that sounds terrible, especially since some of you are still in school but this is my 3rd week out of school and I just want to get ready for the next great adventure!
Needing to get serious about this painting! I bought the paint last summer and never got any painting done! And I read last night that if carpenter ants are nesting in my house, and it certainly seems that they are, then I will need more than a can of ant spray to get rid of them.
I have not been to a baseball game since I was a teenager. We are going to watch the Royals at Kauffman stadium on Thursday night. I am SO excited!
I *tried* to do a sugar detox. I was mostly just miserable. I think if I could have stuck it out, I would have felt the difference. But alas, a mocha cupcake was placed within my reach and it was all over. *sigh* I am still trying to eat healthier and have had a soda in over a week. I have added back in some carbs and boy can I ever tell!! I am walking, today I will push it from a mile and a half up to 2 miles. The Punky and I are going to do a 5K in August. I planted a vegetable garden in my front yard, in one of my flower gardens. But I haven't really spent much time caring for it. Yesterday I got out there and pulled all the weeds. Aaaahhhhh. I love gardening and all things digging in the dirt!
Here's the heavenly or devilish culprit that brought me off my sugar detox!
Here are Farley's Rules for posting. I love the rule of 3. I will just comment that I read far more than those 3 blogs and I try to leave those comments, but if you don't link directly to your Currently, I don't read your post. I hate hunting down the right blog.
 Texas has been devastated recently. Read Farley's idea about donating.


  1. I chuckled a bit when I read your ant issues...we are studying ants in science. I teach science K-5 and firsties just learned that the winged ants are make and only fly around twice a year to mate with the queen. The die shortly after. Google it...that may help. If they are ants without wings hanging out in your house...yikes ....I wish you luck we use Taro to get rid of them in our house. Enjoy your summer projects (painting is my least favorite job). I have to stain a deck after washing the gunk off. Not fun either. Happy Summer!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  2. Yuck about the ants! We have had issues with the itty bitty ones in our kitchen and bathroom before. Yuck.

  3. I've always been able to just spray them when they start coming in and its the end of the issue, but these are persistent! When I googled last night it said that eventually they will cause damage if I don't do something.... something more than an aerosol can of ant spray. And I am becoming more and more of an environmentalist, so it hurts my heart a little to spray anyway, but the falling into our food part.... ew. Time to be pro-active!

  4. Oh no !! Your issue with the ants sounds like my worst nightmare! I hope you manage to sort them soon!! I am the same with the blogs, i love to nose through all different ones, working my way up the list if i have time! I love reading what other bloggers are up to!! Have a fab Summer and enjoy being back in Kindergarten! :)

  5. Hey!! I'll be seeing the Royals on Friday with some of my girlfriends!! Have fun!!

  6. thanks so much for your donation… you ROCK!!!

  7. Ants...yuck! Good luck getting rid of them. Happy that you will be in kindergarten next year. I've taught K-5 and Kindergarten is definitely my favorite. It's where I'm meant to be. Everyday they make me laugh with their funny personalities or pearls of wisdom. And that cupcake looks like it was worth every speck of sugar it contained. YUM!