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Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Made It! I did it!

I was inspired by Mr. Greg to participate in Monday Made It! He showed us his alphabet manipulatives last week, and I loved them. Mine are not all the way dry yet. I will attempt to get a photo of them though.

It's obvious that the mod-podge is not dry.
Here is my next item. Well, actually, my first item. A mini-clipboard for write the room! I want to be more mindful of math this year and I was just going to put the word WRITE on this cute little board, because you can write for any reason.... language arts, reading, or math, or whatever reason you come up with. BUT.... I put my thumb on the paper at the bottom of the clipboard and ripped the paper. Boo! So I covered my mistake with more little letters and added the word LAUGH. Because who doesn't want to bring more laughter into their Kindergarten classroom. Good laughter, helpful laughter, we-are-having-so-much-fun laughter. Not unkind laughter, not the kind where you are laughing at someone else's expense. But I already know that my class family will not engage in those kinds of behaviors because we will talk about them. We'll learn about how to treat each other and how much fun Kindergarten is.

I started with a cheap-o Walmart clipboard and then I used: scrapbook paper and mod-podge. First I brushed my clipboard with mod-podge. Then I put on the scrapbook paper and mod-podged over it. Next I cut the letters out and brushed the mod-podge on the back of them and placed them as I wanted them. Then I brushed mod-podge over the top of everything. I did a little smoothing out with my fingers when it was wet to keep it from bubbling. But I like the way it looks! Ready for Write the Room.

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