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Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday!

I'm so excited because I feel like I really have things to share! This past year was a learning/growing year for me and much of it was not enjoyable, so I didn't have a lot of share at times. AND.... we have been out of school for almost a month already. I am so ready for the new year and all the promise that it brings!

 1. Mini-Vacay! Yay! My kids and my folks and I went to Kansas City last week to watch the Royals play. Unfortunately, our Royals kind of stunk when we were there. But we had a fantastic time and hopefully great memories for the kids.
In front of the K waiting for the gates to open
I don't know if you can quite tell from this photo, but we had GREAT seats!
My little Punky and her Grandpa stood by the dugout for almost an hour, but she got her glove signed!
Sadly, this is how our night ended.... wearing our stylish rain ponchos back to the car from a game that ended in the middle of the 8th inning due to the rain.
We found some fun things to do the next day as well. We had never eaten at Granite City before and we discovered a fantastic waitress and great gluten free food for my Punky. Then we went to Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs. Fun, fun, fun. It was quirky and quaint.... trendy and touristy.... earthy and hippie. All things that appeal to me!

Marble making demonstration. The bestest part! It's obvious that a few demonstrations have been given from here before. They give demonstrations for field trips for schools. It is just very cool to watch.

2. Books! I love to read and I am reading for PD this summer as well as for personal growth. I plan to consume some fiction as well. Right now I am reading: The Next Step in Guided Reading and I'm reading Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction. I am getting REALLY excited about math this year! Did I say this already? I am reading On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman. It is really eye-opening about how people in poverty, especially young minority boys/men, are targeted by police and how hard this is to overcome. The poverty mindset is not just in the minds and hearts of the poor, but pervades our entire society, especially in underprivileged communities like those found where Goffman researched, in the inner-city of Philadelphia.
I am finding my long-standing conservative views being challenged and my desire to see real change in my world to be increasing and the question is, how will I change my world?

3. Back to the books and love of reading. A couple things actually. Go with me, it will all come together in the end. Okay, supposedly, if I want to curb/end poverty in my life/world I will need to work more.... take another job, or jobs or find alternate ways to make money. So I think to myself, I love reading, I love writing, how can I use these things to make money doing things I enjoy? Hmmmm. So I start looking. Well, reviewing books is a real thing. I know, sounds like the perfect job! Right? But there are some things to do to make this come true. One is to start reviewing and build credibility. I need to develop a following. So I created a blog for this. I have not reviewed anything yet, as I will start with the books I am currently reading. I have only written an introduction, but you can check it out if you'd like! You know, I love to see stats saying I have visitors to my blog!

Getting ready for next year! I am so excited to start Guided math and teaching students about centers and activities. And the fabulous Mr. Greg at Smedley's Smorgasbord had a great idea on his Monday Made it! Check out the tutorial HERE.
This is Mr. Greg's picture, not mine. So cool though, right?
I was at the $ store the other day though. So now I am ready to create my own alphabet gems and some number gems too!
I found a lot of stuff I can't live without for my classroom! But you can see the alphabet stickers and gems in with all the loot! I can't wait!
5. No photo for this one.... love, love, love the summer schedule! Sleeping in and pj pants all day! Whoot! I am working this summer part time as a server at a restaurant, but I'm still enjoying my summertime schedule! Awesome sauce!


  1. Great trip to KC!!! I'm dying to know--whose signature did she get??? Every part looks good. Happy weekend!!

    1. #9. Drew Butera. He was not catching that night, but was willing to sign her glove nonetheless. It was a great trip!