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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Searching for resources and overflowing with gratitude....

Good morning to my beloved blogging community. I did my best to sleep last night, but I started tossing and turning and generating about 100 ideas a minute somewhere around 5 o'clock this morning. This was with the help of some melatonin! (Can you say excited?!). In so many ways, I am a first year teacher again and yet.... The biggest difference I see is that I trust myself more and realize that my ideas are valid and good. And I know I can draw off the incredible mentors I have already had in my young teaching life (wait for minute while I tear up thinking of each one of you). But there are many paths to forge and I will take them on with a vengeance.

I found and created a teacher/student blog site a couple weeks ago at the request of my daughter, who wants to blog about her feelings about bullying and to encourage kids not to bully. Seriously, I say no to this kid a lot, but who could say no to a request like that?

About a year ago, many of my bloggy friends were talking about the option to text parents without giving them your phone number. It is a free app. Help! If you do this, or know about it, can you steer me in the right direction?

More help! I am THRILLED about this.... my students will have one-to-one laptops in class. As I understand it, the 5-8 class will be issued a laptop to take home, but my kids will not. I am not complaining, I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled that we will have this much access. Now.... since I don't exactly know my class population yet, I can't be sure what my needs are, but I do know that I have friends that work with students of all ages, so please comment or email me ways that you use technology/computers in your classroom.  I am not concerned about finding useful ways for 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders to use the computers, but I know there are wonderful resources out there for Kindergarten and 1st also.  Any insight shared for any of these grade levels will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Lastly I just want to say that I am sure I will forget someone instrumental, but here are few of the people I thank God for (in regard to learning to teach, and to becoming a better person) on a regular basis....

I am so fortunate to know these people: Stephanie Hamilton, who has taught me so much about using positive classroom management, building relationships, and focusing on positives in people; Kim Herron, an incredible and innovative sixth grade teacher with passion for teaching and reaching students that makes me exhausted just thinking of it, I hope to catch just an nth of your passion; the fabulous mentors/supervisors I have had in this journey so far: Kelli, Jana, Cody, Melissa Watson, Janice (and all you Academy C girls, I love you and miss you); and colleagues the likes of Melissa Beede and Emily Greer, and the rest of the staff at LES really.  I have said this before, but I had no choice but to succeed there, because of the great people. I am so grateful my friends, church buddies, recovery people, blogger friends, and my colleagues have held me up in prayer. I don't think the journey is over, but I certainly think it would short-sighted of me not to take a minute to be grateful for all the success as human-beings that I have seen, and the great examples of how to live my best life.

Sorry, that was rather personal, but if you know me, you already know I am a personal kind of gal. And I'm sentimental on a regular basis.

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