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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Five for Fraturday

I can't seem to get my five in on Friday! Eeks! Seems like it should be getting easier since I am not teaching this summer, right?! But being a working girl is exhausting! It's time for Doodlebugs weekly linky and time to see what everyone else is doing this week!

1. This week we read Laura Numeroff books in the 3/4's classes. It was themed If You Give a Mouse a Cookie but we read a lot of them. And did activities that were from If You Take a Mouse to School also. I love these books. Yesterday my students and I made up some stories putting in their names and saying what they would do... "If you give Ms. Carrie a cookie, she will ask you for _____________".  Then we kept building on it. It was hard for them to think about. Most of them said chocolate chips for every answer. But that's okay, they were thrilled that I used their names. :)

We made a finger mouse to wear when we read our mouse stories and we also made a little mouse brown bag puppet.  Thanks Ms. Angie for the too cute pattern for this brown bag puppet!

Mouse puppets!

aren't these adorable? 

2. Swim lessons! Now that I teach elementary school I forget that part of swim lessons at this age is just getting kids used to the water, teaching them to stay afloat, etc. I don't have photos (and boy am I glad).  We are fortunate that we have a red cross life guard/swim instructor working at the daycare, and she taught each group and we also helped students get wet, and play in the sprinkler. Can you say... exhausted?! The walk to the Y is about 2 blocks, but those little legs are tired after we walk there and walk back and swim in between.

3. Library time! Whoot! We also walked students to the library on Wednesday! This was a fun and exciting addition to our week! It is amazing how this half hour activity consumes our entire morning.... sunscreen, bug spray, nap mats ready for our return, and review the rules, walk to the library, walk back....

4. Let the tutoring begin! I started tutoring one my Lions from school. We are just trying to maintain his reading level since he was caught up and AT GRADE LEVEL at the end of the year! Are you all doing a little jig? I think that anytime a struggling reader is caught up with their class everyone should celebrate! If you need a quick jig to get your happy on I have included the Big Pig Song to dance to.


 p.s. I am going to start working with another student this week and she is in the same situation, she grew leaps and bounds this year and is currently reading at grade level! How exciting?! I just love being a teacher!

5. The Art Council Children's Choir gave it's final performance of the season last night at the Relay for Life. I love my little choir member! Not to mention that I am SO PROUD of her!! 

That was our week in a nutshell! Or in five random tellings. Now to relax and enjoy the weekend and get ready for another busy week! 

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