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Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday!! June 27

It's Friday! Time to link up with Casey at Doodlebugs! Time to read about everyone's week and get some ideas and share some too!
1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear week. We read, we discussed the characters, the colors, and then we sorted M & M's. Yum. We were forced to consume the final sort! *sigh* Hard work, but someone has to do it! 

2. Baked potato and frosty from Wendy's. It sort of defeated the purpose of tutoring when we spent more on a convenient dinner than we made!  But the other way of looking at it is that we would not get to go out, even for fast food, if not for tutoring. We tried to make it in time for the Mac Dog Park fundraiser, but we missed it by a few minutes. However, we did find food that the gluten free Punkin can consume, so that was awesome. She said, "this is awesome, you should take a picture!" So I did. 

3. More Brown Bear! We cut and glued this sequencing paper. Then we "read" it! The students know all the words by looking at the picture prompts. Pretty cool. 

4. Mt. Hope Elementary School. I couldn't figure out how to share the Youtube video and perhaps I am not supposed to, it is "unlisted" on youtube. But there's a great promo video about the school and I am really excited now (again? still?) about the upcoming year. I am also concerned.... can I do it? It's a tall order. And the shift for my child.... can she do it? Elation/deflation. Sometimes at the same time, but I am so thrilled to be taking on Project Based Learning (PBL) and teaching in a place that meets those needs for a world that is "outside" the box. Feeling Blessed. 

I am pasting in link, I don't know if you'll be able to use it. But it's exciting. :)

5. It is harvest time in Kansas. If you live in Kansas you know what this means. If you live on a farm, you won't read this for several days yet. Happy Harvest! 


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    1. ....which I captured on our way home from our new school. I know it's hard to tell that we are excited! :)