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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday, September 28

It's time for my five random things from my week. So hop over to Doodlebugs and read everyone's Five for Friday!

1. Guided reading in all its glory.... this week for Second grade guided reading, we tackled a story that ended up taking two days to discuss. This left a little extra time to dig deeper into comprehension. So students wrote two sentences about the book and made a matching illustration. I was going to just post one photo but I realized my students would be so disappointed if it wasn't theirs! So, here they are....

I love how you can tell that the people are teeny tiny by comparison to the flower! 

This is the book they read and were writing about. Fun story! 
2. Here's what my area is starting to look like.... chaos!!!

It actually looks somewhat organized here, but you can see that the shelves are getting full as I add tub after tub of stuff. Here's what a typical day looks like in order of the shelving: top shelf left to right: First grade (8:15-9:15), Kindergarten 9:20-9:50, Second grade 10-10:55.  Middle shelf: Third grade: 11-11:30 guided reading, and 11:32-11:55 third grade tier 2 interventions. Fourth grade guided reading tub is in middle of the middle shelf and it is at 1:30 and first grade tier 2 interventions are in the blue tub.  Since I took the picture I also have added a packet for 2nd grade interventions to their tub! We will have approximately half of our guided reading time dedicated to tier 2 interventions and then I'll add some very customized interventions in the afternoons around the fourth grade group and first grade interventions as well as squeezing in planning times and helping classroom teachers with testing. So.... the real deal is that I am getting BUSY. And I like it like this. I am also starting to get the hang of things! Whoot! 

3. My little Punkin is in 4th grade in another school. They just finished a research project about animals of South America. They did a wax museum on Friday to display their knowledge.  You could go around form desk to desk to hear about each animal. My Punkin researched the Golden Lion Tamarin. I surprised her when I got to come and see her presentation. It was a great "Mom moment." 
Here is Punky ready to tell me all about herself as the golden lion tamarin

Here is the real deal... golden lion tamarin.
4. Happy Fall Y'all! It was quite cool when I got up this morning and it's almost noon and still lovely! As you can tell, the predicted high is only in the low 70's. I feel like I have unlimited options today. This prospect is really quite exciting! I feel some fall cleaning perhaps and some fall-ish foods for sure coming on! 

5. I have resisted the Thirty-One trend so far. Until now. But a teacher in our building had a party on facebook this week and I jumped on the band wagon. I will soon have this: 
Of course, mine will have the name Carrie on it in hot pink.
Enjoying this beautiful day and getting ready to make some cupcakes to decorate with my Punky! Today is the first day of the rest of my life, I hope that it is for you too! Blessings to you all.

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