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Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently... a linky party

It's that time again! Time to link up with Farley for September Currently.
 I haven't turned on the television or any music yet this morning and the windows are open so I can hear all the birds and especially the turtle doves. Do you think they know it's dove season and they are safe and sound in town?

I am loving this weather! That is all the there is to that! 

I have plenty of "shoulds" in my life. Things I should do at home: laundry, cleaning, organizing, settling in, etc. Things I should do to be a better mom, which mostly equal time, time, time. And things I should do to be a better teacher and be prepared to go into my own classroom again next year (that is my goal...): finish reading the book I started this summer on guided reading, re-read some textbook information, etc. 

We need to add a vehicle to our family. My teenager is going to driving school this next weekend. And at some point after that will be driving and obtaining her license. Well, in Kansas, it is really unheard of that your child would not be driving until they are seventeen. And there are some reasons for it and they involve responsible parenting (or lack of) and so I won't tell on myself any further here. But the point is, if we are going to have two drivers here then we need two vehicles. I've been looking at new cars online. I really, really, really want a new car. My reasoning is a little sloppy though. Next year, when this child goes to college, I will still have parental responsibilities but I will not have her child support income. So my reasoning goes like this: this may be the only opportunity I will ever have to purchase a new car. You don't really have to tell me how skewed that is, it is really messed up. But I've been researching cars that get over 30 mpg on the highway that don't cost an arm and a leg to purchase. If I am looking at spending $8-10,000 on a solid used family car, then it stands to reason that I would consider spending $12-15,000 on a new car that gets great gas mileage. One thing I hate about my Saturn, it sits really low to the ground. When we go on road trips, like the trip to the panhandle we have planned for October, it is scary to be so low to the ground on the road with all those semis. Also, it is harder to see when/if it is safe to pass. The next thing I hate about my Saturn, it broke down on Friday. I had to have it towed and a mechanic hasn't even looked at it yet. I think I will have to borrow my youngest daughter's bike to get to work tomorrow (I would ride my own if it hadn't gotten stolen this summer). So... we are in need of a car that is reliable! And I am in want for a new car.  I have never owned a new vehicle and if I buy one this year, it will likely be the only new vehicle we ever buy.  Because I will drive it into the ground until there are no more miles left to put on it. Amen?

Here is what Farley said about that last entry on Currently: I decided to make the last question
pick things you would love to accomplish this month...
things that bring YOU a happy heart
you have to be happy to make others happy and a happy heart is a good place to start.

I think that walking is, for me, a self-nurturing act. When I take care of my body, I feel better, and it is a way to value myself, build up my physical stamina, wake my brain, and spend a few minutes with God without kids, or computers, or text messages to interrupt. 

My heart would be happier to be home if I finally got the rest of the house settled. And paint those places that need painted and put up the pictures and just finish moving in in general. Lose the piles and boxes and laundry baskets full of stuff that still linger in the office and my bedroom. 

I want some things. A new car, but that doesn't count as a "little me thing." I want new walking shoes, and a few new clothes for work/school, and a new pair of jeans just for fun, and a new book or two (okay, okay, or FIVE), and I want a new "favorite" coffee cup.  I want to buy myself a cup from the Well. They have the neatest cups, both for work and for home. I have heard rumors that the Well might be closing, pray it ain't so. It's a good, safe place for kids to meet, for adults to mingle, a great place for conversation or solitude. I want a few things for the house and I think that Red and I should get to replace our stolen bikes. It makes me angry that we have had bikes stolen, again. We had two bikes stolen the first summer that we lived here. One was recovered, one wasn't.  This year, no bikes were recovered. *sigh* I want another new bike. And a safe neighborhood to keep them in. 


  1. My first car was a Saturn and, you are right, that thing is low to the ground! Good luck with your car search!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Good luck with the new car search. It is less humid by me too and I am so glad because the last few days have been so yucky.
    Fun in ECSE

  3. The weather is just lovely! Best wishes with car and "me" things!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  4. I totally hear you on the low car. I used to have a Corolla, which I loved! But last August I bought a Honda CRV. What a difference. I feel like a queen sitting that high up! ;-)
    Fun and Fearless in First