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Monday, September 9, 2013

Tell me your positive behavior incentives

Positive behavior management. Rewards. Incentives. Classroom management. Help. My mind has totally gone blank.  My thought process is that students need to be motivated to follow directions, not afraid of repercussions if they don't do what is expected. And I also believe that students need to take responsibility for their choices, even if they that means they have consequences, not just positive incentives.  When I have been able to focus on positive behavior reinforcement, I have had success! But here's the thing... my mind is blank this week. I keep thinking to myself, find something positive, find something positive, find something positive. But what I hear myself saying sounds more like this: "If you make the choice to interrupt our learning time, you will be choosing to....(fill in the blank~ walk at recess, practice correct behavior at recess, fill out a green card)."  Why would I be confessing this to the world? Because I need you all to tell me things I have never heard, maybe things I have heard before, ideas I have heard of or those I have not. I don't care if you think... "gosh, everyone knows that!" I still want to hear it! Please, please, please.... I am not quite ready to do my first linky party, but if you have ideas, you could leave them in comments, leave a link in comments or send me an email. I will take your ideas to heart! I promise!

Thanks wonderful bloggy-land teachers.  I know you will come through.


Well, no one has offered me a magic answer since I posted this about a day ago.  I have been wracking my brain all day. Here are the things I have come up with. One of the teachers that I interned under used classroom connections. They could make a connection if they were following directions. When the connections were all made, the group earned a reward and the class got new groups and started over. I think this can work in a small group setting in that when they make all their connections the group earns a reward.

The other thing I am thinking about it this: students can earn "smiley tickets" when they are doing what is expected and especially if they do something above and beyond the expectation! I am thinking of giving the students in my group smiley's when they come in, every time I have to stop teaching because they are not on task or following directions, I will take one back and once they are gone, they will start earning laps to walk at recess. After earning 2 laps at recess, they will also fill out a green behavior card in their room. This feels proactive, puts the responsibility back on the students and gives them the opportunity to earn some extras both from me and the classroom teacher (smiley tickets earn stickers on charts which leads to rewards in the classroom).  Okay, I know y'all didn't help me out here, but I feel better. I have a plan to try something new. Can I get a hearty "whoo-hoo?"

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