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Friday, September 20, 2013

5.5 for Friday...

It is Friday! Here are my five. And don't forget to head to Doodlebugs to read more and maybe add your own Five random things from your own week!

1. I got a huge compliment this week!! One of my guided reading kiddos is the child of a teacher where I work. And she told me that she thinks I am doing great with her son. Whoo-hoo! Made me happy! :)

2. I am really, really aware that I am a Kindergarten teacher! One of the groups I teach is a fourth grade group.  I struggle and I struggle and I struggle. Today my lead teacher pointed out that there were additional lesson plans right in front of me in the teacher's manual for that grade level.  I think I'm struggling because my brain just doesn't do intermediate. Okay, the real truth, is I think I would like upper grades because of all the super pbl they could do. But the transition from high 5's and "way to go!"'s is tough because I don't really know what motivates 4th graders and I don't know how to build a relationship with them in the short time I have with them.

3. This summer I joined a book study. It was for this book.

Yeah, I dropped out once it got past the primary stuff. At first I was in limbo, not having a job and not knowing what grade level I would be teaching, then I just lost interest. I hate to admit that considering what I am doing now~ working in the reading room as a reading assistant. So I work with students in guided reading groups and I work with small groups to offer tiered support. So.... in light of my discouragement, I think I should pick that book up again and finish it. And take the teaching to heart. I know that my school does the very best, research based and supported teaching that there is. I can see it every day and I saw it when I was away, I know my colleagues got tired of hearing "at the school I came from...." So, no pressure, but it's time to start shooting for the stars and hope to meet those oh-so-high expectations in the district I work in. So... back to reading! 

4. Thank God for cooler weather! I feel my mood lighten and my energy return when the weather cools off and behaves like fall! It was down to 59 last night and it is going to cool off again tonight! Tomorrow night "the fam" is going to meet out at my Uncle's pond and I might even need a sweatshirt! I am so excited! 
5. Random fact of the week: I love baseball and I am glued to the television for post-season play! I love watching the Royals this year! For the first time in a long time we have a team! Whoot! So you folks who are all fired up because football is back, I can finally relate because that's me and baseball at the end of the season this year.

So that covers my five. But here's a 5.5 or little bonus random thing. I never think of my own ideas. ever. I am a TpT consumer. Hats off to you ladies who make all those wonderful products that I purchase and thanks ever-so-much for all those freebies you willingly share. But this week, I thought of a game idea for blending sounds for cvc words. So if I ever figure out how to make it, I will share it. And then if I ever get enough good ideas, I will start a TpT store, but that is a long way in the future!! It's a game that could be done in a small group setting, maybe in a partner/center setting or as a whole group. So if you want to know my idea and make your own, you can email me or leave a comment. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I have a super fun-filled day planned for tomorrow.... We are headed to the 'boro (That's Hillsboro) to see the Arts and Crafts fair and some of my favorite family (my Aunt is here from St. Louis!), and then off to a family affair at the farm Saturday night (with a sweatshirt, yeah!).  

These are the memories captured through photos from last time we were out at the farm.

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