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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Currently.... October

It's time! Head over to see Farley and catch up on Currently! Here is my currently!
Listening to... I love the Food Network. But triple D might be my favorite, except for Cupcake Wars. Well, then there's Chopped. And I'm starting to like Restaurant: Impossible. Okay, well, I like Food Network. I can think of a few places I think that should be on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Loving... fall. Today is definitely Indian Summer. It is supposed to cool off again tonight, which makes me happy. I have been walking to work some days because I can stand it. A couple mornings have been almost cool (they would have felt cooler if I were not trucking along so fast trying to get to work on time), and then upper 70's and lower 80's in the afternoon.

Thinking... seems like after a long day at school, I come home to stress with kids. I think it's normal, but it seems that in this chapter of my life, I am less able to handle "normal" family stressors.

Wanting... a fenced in back yard.  It would open up my yard for grilling and hanging out and just outdoor living.  I have less-than-desirable neighbors and a fence would make things better.

Needing... friends. Enough said? I have some friends. Good friends. But jobs, kids, life, etc. seem to get in the way. I need to connect, pour my heart out, learn how to listen again, and fill my bucket with friend-love.

Trick? I can't really think of one. Treat? not really much there either. But I did have these fleeting thoughts, so I will share them. Trick? Remember that kids learn faster and commit information to memory faster if it is set to music. I had fun showing one of my favorite Kinder songs to the Kindergarten teachers yesterday: The Big Pig Song. They are learning about rhyming. Treat? Maybe cupcakes? The last couple times I have made cupcakes I just used a devil's food cake mix, but instead of whole eggs, I used egg whites and used 4 eggs instead of 3. I did this because my youngest is allergic to the yolk.  It doesn't affect her that much when things are baked, so we don't always do this, but she has been begging to lick the beaters, so we had to do something different. Here's the thing... they turned out really light and fluffy and kind of dreamy.   I also had huge success with homemade frosting this last time too.  The trick? more butter. I used a half a stick of butter and a half brick of cream cheese. Plus powdered sugar (of course) and a little milk.

And I leave you with... The big pig song!


  1. I understand you needed girlfriends. I have 2 great friends at work! We have a 3day weekend and we're taking our kiddos to the zoo or botanical gardens on Monday. We love hanging out. Love TripleD too!


  2. Friends would be great at work. Mine are all as busy as me! Love The Pig Big Song!