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Friday, October 4, 2013

Five for Friday....

It's Friday! Whoot! And that means it's time to link up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday!

1. Tornadoes?! In October? I heard we are supposed to get some today. But it looks to me like it's all south and east of me. So sad for y'all that are getting storms, but hey, I am happy for me. And for the cooler weather it should bring.

2. Training and more training! lol! I feel like I've been in training since I started in mid-August! But yesterday I went to LETRS training to help me teach reading and become a better tutor. It was good information, and lots of it. I felt like it was well worth it, and I took in more information than I'll be able to process. It should make me a better teacher. Whoot! That's the goal anyway.

3. New 'Do. I havce been very minimalist since the reality hit that I would have not be getting a paycheck for August. I should take that back, I got paid about $100 in August. Somehow that didn't equal what my meager teaching salary would have been for August. So.... getting my color refreshed, highlights back in and split ends trimmed. It was heavenly. I got something I have never had before.... eyebrows! You know, you can't see my blonde eyebrows, so I asked her to give me eyebrows. And she did. And she waxed my eyebrows too. I love you Stephanie! She doesn't even know it. She thinks I am this meek, quiet middle-aged lady that comes in and doesn't talk much. But I love her, she works magic on my head.

You can't see how fabulous looks, but it really IS fabulous! 
4. Thirty day challenge. Read about it here.  It was a challenge posted on social media and it had several options. Option 3 was to get moving! Thirty minutes of movement a day outside your "normal" realm, can't be work or what you usually do! So I am trying and this started Monday the 30th. I have only missed Tuesday so far. Tuesday I only got in about 10 minutes of walking, and I haven't gotten started today yet. But it's a start, and hey, today isn't over yet.

5. I got to use a freebie I found last weekend. I'll have to try to find it again! I found it! After much searching! This is why I can never just quickly get my 5 pounded out and posted! I found this gem on freebilicious last week! Head over to Fun in First Grade to see what I found: word stairs! A sound substitution game!

Ah... that's my week! Throw in a sick kid and "normal" family schtuff, and then you've got it! I feel like I'm starting to be part of a team and that I am starting to make a difference with the kiddos I am with. It is rewarding. Yay! Have a relaxing and restful weekend.


  1. I am fascinated that some US teachers don't get paid over the summer break. Is this normal? In Aus, unless we are on a contract - most of us are ongoing and get paid all year.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. This year I have a "non-teaching" position that requires a teaching degree to obtain. It is a little bit weird. But it is an hourly paid position. I decided it was worth it to try to get a job in this district next year. But yeah, it was a rough couple months.

  2. Love how pampering ourselves changes our outlook on life. Happy weekend!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family