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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January... Currently

It is time to link up with Farley for a Currently Linky. I copied her rules and here they are: "The only rules I have for CURRENTLY is
follow the RULE of 3
which is
once you link up... you must goto the 2 blogs before you and leave a nice meaningful comment and then goto the one after your link and do the same...
PLEASE leave meaningful comments :) share the love and spread the love
and the other rule is....
your link in the linky party should go DIRECTLY to your CURRENTLY POST in your blog...
not your store, not your products, not your generic blog address... it should be your CURRENTLY POST url"

....and I forgot that I can't add text on this old computer. 

Listening. Listening to the sounds of a quiet house and my daughter's relaxation cd that she sleeps to. 

Loving. Loving that I don't have any obligations today. I have a very lazy day planned.

Thinking. Thinking about all those goals and plans and resolutions. Read about them HERE

Wanting. A JOB. I know that is redundant. The truth is, I want a salaried job in a teaching field, hands-on, with children.  Why? Because that is where my strength is. 

Needing. My want led into this one. I am needing a job. A salaried job with good benefits. It does not have to be a teaching job, or even a job working with children. I need to pay my bills and take care of my family. My friend is trying to interest me into changing fields completely, and you know what? It could happen. And the truth is, that would be a little sad because I love teaching and teaching loves me. It's not effortless, but it is pretty natural for me. And the reward is so high when I know I helped a child learn something or feel cared about in a school environment. 

Memory and/or tradition. The tradition is to go to my parents and have "Suderman" Christmas on Christmas Eve. When its time for the gifts, my Dad reads the Christmas story out of Luke 2 and then we take turns opening gifts, and the youngest opens first and we go around until everyone is out. This year, we changed things a little and we went around once and then everyone just opened. It takes so long and kids are kids you know. But I didn't like this way as well. The new thing that my folks insisted on this year, was sharing a Christmas memory about a favorite Christmas. This was maybe my favorite part. Talking about Christmas out at the farm with my grandma and grandpa and everything in between. We talked about the year I got a little toy mixer and my sister took it and played with it and she put peanuts in the bowl and tried to make peanut butter to feed to my grandma's dog. And I don't know if we talked about the year all  the cousins went to the Seibel house and explored in an old abandoned house and my Uncle had hidden some kazoos in a hole in the wall.  It was magical. Pretty sure the big cousins and my Uncle were sick and tired of those kazoos before we ever even got back to the farm! 

I see some links at the bottom of Farley's post and it might show me how to fix my Currently to edit and make it work. But this time I am just posting as is. If I don't have this problem fully resolved by the next Currently, I will explore these options. My *hope* is that I'll have my tax return and a new laptop by then! 


  1. I wish you luck on your endeavor to find a job! It is an amazing blessing to be able to help a child learn! Keep at it!

  2. Love the Christmas tradition of reading Luke 2 aloud and then opening gifts. I'll have to remember that for when I have children. I know what you mean about teaching being "natural." I know I could make more money and have less headaches in any other field I put my mind to, but I was born to teach and there are children out there who need what I have to offer just like there are children out there who need what you have to offer.

    1. Aw. Thanks! I needed a little encouragement! I agree with you, but as a single Mom, I cannot face another year of not having a salaried position!

  3. Best wishes in finding a job!! Personally in my family my husband has struggled with this as well. It is very stressful.

  4. Thanks for sharing!!! Best of luck in finding a job!!!


  5. Those are some big memories. Lovely having them. Good luck with career/job. Keep well my friend!