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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Truth Monday...

Yes, I know that today is Tuesday. Well, I sort of know this. Last night at Kohl's I was looking at the hours for Saturday to find out when they closed! I guess it's because I went out on a kid-free night and so it *had* to be the weekend.

My truth Monday: One Little Word. This is the word that will define our 2014. I have thinking on this for a little while already and if you read my blog, you might know mine already.
My word is: QUIET.
I say I want to listen to God and do whatever God wants me to do. But when was the last time ever got quiet before my God instead of running headlong into life without ever even considering God and then either saying: "Thanks God" or "Why God?" depending on how things turn out. Also, I am noticing big gaps in my life that can only be filled by God and big changes I want to make, that are WAY too big for me, so I better spend some time with God to accomplish them. I need to quiet all the white noise and just listen.

Head over to Sunny Days in Second Grade and read everyone's One Little Word. Happy New Year's everyone.

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