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Monday, December 30, 2013

Goals for 2014.... a linky about resolutions and goals

I wonder.... does it take the rest of the world as long as it takes me to type and post a blog post? Especially a linky. Even my Five for Friday posts. I type, read, edit. Type, add images, videos, links. Read, type, edit. Link. Find errors, update, post. Read again. I am in love with blogging and especially with linky parties. So even though they rob me of my time, I do it, because I love to hear the sound of my fingers on the keyboard. A little bit like "that nut from the Observer" that is Meg Ryan's boyfriend in You've Got Mail. So.... This looks like a fun little linky about goals for 2014. I am linking up with Second Grade Nest for her resolutions and goals linky.

 I have read a lot in the last few days about how "stupid" resolutions are and how people don't really *do* them. And some part of me agrees. But there is this other part that is dying to break out of the box I am stuck in and DO SOMETHING already! Some of the things that I wish and hope for in 2014 are out of my control and I have to practice the Serenity Prayer on them! There are some things I can change, but it's the knowing the difference that trips me up.

Okay.... here is the template for the resolutions. I am using a *borrowed* computer and I am not finding Power Point to use to put in my own resolutions. This could very likely be an operator error (and possibly associated with the "why" of the whole idea that blogging takes SO MUCH time)!

 Resolution #1: To develop healthier eating habits.  This might be resolutions 1-4 or so. Really. Um.... Let's start with getting more organized and shopping once a week and spending more moolah for things like: ingredients to make homemade bread and ingredients to make semi-whole foods. I saw that concept yesterday in regard to crockpot meals and it sounds more do-able and more affordable that entirely whole foods. Because let's be honest here, whole foods are more expensive and more time consuming. Part of the reason we eat highly processed foods is because this Momma doesn't have the time to make the healthiest versions and so I settle for opening a can or a box. So, resolution number one is to be more organized when it comes to planning and shopping so that I will have the ingredients for healthier foods and healthier snacks and then to implement a plan and stick with it! Part of this means planning at least 2 MEALS a week. Sounds sort of lame, right? But the big kid is gone more than not (senior in high school this year), and much of the time it is just me and the Punkin. If I make two good meals either in the crockpot or the old-fashioned way, there will be leftovers galore and I'll have lunch and probably some more meals too. Example: Last night I baked two lemon-pepper chicken breasts. There is a whole breast in the fridge to cut up for salads or wraps that is "left over."

Resolution #2: it's more of the same.  To go meat-less twice a week in the evenings. Part of getting healthier is restricting red-meat and processed meats. Like that hot dog that I had at midnight last night. So it's all-beef, do you know what all is in there? Honestly, I don't, because I love hot dogs and I don't want to know! Shhh. Don't tell me. But I resolve to eat less of this kind of food.

Resolution #3: To stimulate my mind. Last year was a "survival" year and I swore I wasn't going to read or do a lot of professional development. Since I just graduated in 2012, I thought I was "entitled" to that time off. But that got old really fast. At Spring Break I bought The Daily Five and read most of that. Over the summer, I joined a book study and bought the book How to Teach Guided Reading on my Kindle. I only made it through chapter 5. Which is too bad. Because guess what I do this year? Teach guided reading. All. Morning. Long. And part of the afternoon. Yep. So right now... short term goals, finish my unfinished business. But to keep it doable for me, I am going to resolve to spend less time messing around on the internet and more time reading for the sake of mental stimulation/education. So my goal/resolution is to read for mental health purposes for no less than 15 minutes a day! Why only 15 minutes? Because I also want to build in spiritual health time and "just for fun..." time.

Resolution #4: To move it! In October I took part in a 30 day challenge to move for 30 minutes every day. I felt better and got back some energy and lost a little of the depression. Exercising EVERY DAY is not realistic for me, but it's reasonable to try for 5 out of 7 days a week. That is my goal. To walk outside or on the treadmill 5 times a week. And to get to a place where I can run part of the time as well! I would like to do a 5K in 35 minutes this next year! That is a goal my friends.

Resolution #5: Pray more, talk less. Less talk about prayer or requests or whatever is "wrong" and more time focusing on "real" change, placing it in God's hands. I have a million more ideas... like yell less and be a better example and blah, blah, blah.... but I think that if I do these five, I might be pleasantly surprised by the influence I have on the lives around me.... you know, those people who I am in charge of everyday that call me Mom? I hope I have a good and godly influence on them this year.  And I resolve to do that by focusing on myself and becoming more calm, and listening to God more in the QUIET that I will seek this year.


 A professional goal.  Well, I want to say: get a job. And that is DEFINITELY a goal. It was also a goal last year and I got A job, just not THE job. So I think that goal is really to be more prepared for the interview process and to continue to develop my teaching skills in ways that are tangible and can be "seen" by those in the position to hire me. One of my goals is get more training in Quantum Learning.  This is used by our district and helps use visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to enhance learning.  This is every teacher's dream, to learn to incorporate these three things into as many teaching strategies as possible for the good of the class. This will improve learning for your entire class, not JUST those struggling students! But guess what, it WILL help those struggling students, whether they are ELL students, below grade level, just learn differently from other students, or have some other learning situation going on. Yikes. That was more than one. A professional goal: be the most employable me that I can be! Then we are supposed to list another professional goal and I already did that with the Quantum part. I want to learn more about Quantum Learning and incorporate this as much as possible into my teaching (and thankfully, I have a little start on this due to Whole Brain Teaching).

To become more spiritually fit. And the ways to do that are in my resolutions. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading something spiritually edifying and then spending that quiet time with God learning how to LISTEN.

To become more social and "put myself out there." (Yikes! Did I say that outloud?!) I am not really looking for love, because I am busy, and happy and life is full. But I am as ready I am ever going to be. I am still going to be a bit on the crazy side in ten years and I am not as crazy as I used to be, so... why not? Right? But my "soul mate" is not going to come knocking on my door and asking me for my hand in marriage. I have to get up and off the couch and move into socially awkward situations and just have fun.  I mean, how can I lose if I do this? I will (hopefully) meet new and fun people, get to know those friends that I just haven't taken time to get to really know yet, have fun in process and get out more. If love should happen, or even a date, hee-hee, it wouldn't be a bad thing, right?

Negative self-talk and road-rage type behaviors. I keep telling my children to tell themselves good things and I need to practice what I preach! I want to cut out some negative language and ways I talk to my children as well. So maybe I want to give up the negative practices that I hold onto each year.

 Volunteering. Ever notice that when you are down and life is going all wrong, if you just focus on helping someone else for a minute your troubles become smaller? I want to volunteer my time to help others and one organization I strongly believe in is: Habitat for Humanity. I want to volunteer to help our local area Habitat just like people in Habitat helped me. I want to do some volunteering in a more anonymous way as well.... more along to the RAK line of thinking. I want to practice at least one random, anonymous act a week.

I want to write. Blog, write, purge, entertain, tell stories, express gratitude. I want to write a book of short stories or encouraging words. I want to share my experience, strength and hope.  I want to join a writing community and I want to "be discovered." Yeah, I know there are a billion aspiring writers out there, but it's time for me to put it into action and see where this writer's heart will take me. 

I would like to visit about a million places here in the lower 48. But I would also like to visit any place outside the good ole USA. I would like to go on a cruise and visit a tropical climate.  That is not a realistic goal for 2014. Because of my current financial situation, I will set my goals much lower this year.... I would like to visit some Kansas attractions this year. I would like to visit Mushroom Rock state park, Rock City, and explore the flint hills a little more.

A food I would like to try is.... salmon. Increasing omega 3's and 4's can only be good for me. And I don't really eat fish. But I am intrigued by salmon and really want to try to learn to fix it. 

I want to learn to step out of my comfort zone and do those DIY projects.  A few on my list are: laying a patio, staining wood work, putting up sheetrock, and painting/decorating. I look at this stuff and think... oh, I can do this! And then I usually sit back and wait for someone else to do the work! 

Okay. I think I covered it all. And I am exhausted! My immediate goal is to copy these and put them somewhere that I will see them often and to organize my home and my TIME to make it more likely to succeed at some of this stuff!!! 

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  1. Carrie--GREAT and THOUGHTFUL. Thank you for sharing these wonderful goals. Happy New Year!