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Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Country and my Family

I decided to post about the Fourth even though it is past because I think we live in the greatest country there is. I think we are facing some big challenges in America right now, but I still think it is a blessing and a privilege to call myself an American. Here are some things I love....

I love setting off fireworks and watching fireworks. I am not as crazy about setting off fireworks at home as I used to be, old age and all, but I still like it. I love watching fireworks displays. A couple years ago my little girl told me she wanted to become a scientist when she grew up so she could figure out how to make fireworks.

My all-time favorite patriotic song is: God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood. But I also love Katy Perry's Firework song. I think Katy Perry's song lyrics are deep and meaningful even though the video is somewhat cheesy and some of the lyrics in the video are portrayed as sexual even though when you read them, they are not decidedly sexual or decidedly nonsexual. They just are. Anyway.... I like what it says.

I love my American flag and I love that I can still say a prayer.

my home with a flag flying... 

I know I can't say prayers aloud in class but God is part of everything I do, so I am grateful that I don't have to pretend I am someone I am not.

My great-aunt was a firecracker of a lady which was fitting because her birthday was on July 4, the same day as my birthday. If you know me, you think... "ah, that explains a lot!" She inspired me with her love of writing and her poetry and the way she lived life to the fullest every day.

Once I got married, there were two birthdays to celebrate over the holiday since my oldest daughter's birthday is July 6.  Twelve years later my next daughter arrived on July 7th, on a Sunday, just like today. We were planning to go to a family reunion that day, but my Redhead had other plans for us! So we have three birthdays in four days. We celebrate over the 4th of July holiday most of the time and we usually do it up with a big bang!

I don't know where or when it happened that I started getting all sentimental and sappy and tearing up when I hear the Lee Greenwood song, or crying when the National Anthem plays at other all American events like baseball or stock car racing! But I know that I am grateful to live in this great nation. I know she's getting a little tired and things are not working as they should, seems we are lacking in some of the "for the people, by the people" right now, but I am still extremely proud to be an American, to live in a country where I can worship freely, choose my vocation, raise my children in relative freedom, and so many other choices I have because I live in a free nation. I am grateful.

I love celebrating Independence Day. I love blowing up fireworks, watching them, and helping my kids with them. I love that they have an appreciation for 4th of July celebrations as well. The other night, my youngest was coming to watch the city fireworks display with me and she shouts as she's running... "It's the 4th of July People!!!!" Her voice carried so much excitement and joy. I loved it.

I am grateful that we celebrate our nation, and I'm grateful for the birthdays that get celebrated around this time every year. Today I can say that I am glad I was born.  I am so glad my girls were born and I love celebrating them. God bless this great nation we live in.


  1. I loved your post about the 4th and fireworks and your patriotism! I teach in north Texas and we sing the National Anthem and say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning at my school. It does bring tears to my eyes to hear my kindergarten children sing the Star Spangled Banner. They are so innocent singing those words! I hope they will enjoy and appreciate America as it should be.

  2. Hi Carrie! We just found you through Fifth in the Middle's states link! We teach 1-2 multi-agers in Tulsa. We want to set up an Okie Blogger Lunch in August! A date has not been decided yet...we will let you know. We would love for you to hop over and visit us at

    Victoria & Tricia♥