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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted: Advice for New Teachers

I have been a little bit AWOL recently.  I am discouraged that I do not have a job and instead of setting up my classroom and getting ready with new ideas I am wondering if I will have a classroom, what grade I might be teaching and what I might do if I am not a classroom teacher this next year. But I miss my blog friends and so I am joining up with Flying into First Grade for her Let's Get Acquainted linky.  This week it is about advice for new teachers. I am not so far from being the new teacher since last year was my first year teaching, but I decided to participate anyway! 

Fill out this template and explain your template. You can copy and paste this into MS word or PowerPoint and use textboxes to complete.

Here is my advice: 

Buy: organizational items for your classroom. An organized classroom is worth a thousand words, or dollars, or pictures. It is worth a lot. It is the key to being successful at so many things, like keeping to your schedule, training students to work independently and so much more. 

Always: be prepared. Get your plans done on time and have everything ready. Get out the next day's materials before you go home each day. Another thing you should prepare are emergency sub plans. You can find plans on TpT and print and prepare ahead of time and then if you are gone unexpectedly, it is all ready for the sub. Remember that part of teaching is going with the flow and maintaining some flexibility, so be prepared to change your plans at the drop of a hat. 

Never: bail on a commitment. If you told your teaching team that you would do something or you are assigned a task on a committee or organization, do it, and get it done on time. It is not JUST the right thing to do, it also builds trust and strengthens morale and makes people willing to help you out in a bind. 

Find: a friend in your building. You need a friend that you can trust and that you can go to for advice and to vent. Some days are longer and harder than others, you need someone you can trust to be honest with. 

Make: friends with the custodian and the secretary. This will pay dividends. 

Be friendly and be open to new ideas. Some days you don't feel like being friendly, do it anyway. And people offer advice and share ideas and sometimes you may not think you need them (and you may not) but listen with an open mind, maybe their ideas can make your life easier or fill your students with knowledge.  

Now head over and read up and maybe even add your own link! 


  1. Oooh our "finds" are exactly the same! In the last year my 5 best teacher friends have all left the school... it made the start of this year really hard. I kept to myself a lot more than in previous years- I was still friendly to everyone etc but I missed having that person I could say anything too (or those people) and know I could fully trust them. It sucks big time not having that person!

    I have just found your blog through the linky and started following along. I think being a new teacher yourself makes your advice the most valuable. I've only been teaching for 3 years myself so still feel kind of new too!
    I hope you find a job soon! Good luck!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes and Mayhem

    1. Thanks for following! Sorry I took so long to respond! I love new followers! (Well, I love all followers!)