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Sunday, July 28, 2013

An Apology and An Announcement

I know I owe you all an apology. One thing about apologies is that I feel like they are void if nothing changes. I have not had what it takes to maintain my blog this summer. Motivation is absent. An unknown future has left me not very excited to keep up my blog. And some changes are coming... so here's the announcement:

I will not have a classroom this year.  I will be a reading tutor in an elementary school in the town I live in. I am really excited about this for a number of reasons. I will be working in the school where I student taught. I have heard that not everyone LOVES their student teaching experience, but I did. My cooperating teacher was superb on so many levels. For one thing, she is the best teacher I have ever observed. And I was incredibly blessed in my internships and observations, I saw some great teaching! Some of my colleagues learned more about what kind of teachers they didn't want to be, but I was blessed with being in classrooms with teachers who are changing the way school looks and how students learn. So there's that. And then there is the fact that she is the kind of person, colleague, friend I would like to be. She was a great example of how to be an integral part of my school/work community. I know these things about my cooperating teacher had a huge impact on how I felt about my student teaching experience. But I also loved the kids and built relationships with other teachers in the building. I am looking forward to being back and feeling like a part of this community of teachers and learners. Side note: I ran into one of my Kinder kids from student teaching when we were in Walmart, and I got a hug! Whoot! I was really excited to tell her I would be at her school this year. So I am excited to see the students I taught when I was in student teaching, but I am also excited to see the teachers in the building and to be working under the reading specialist in the building. Oh, I really can't wait!

So, while I am still mourning the lack of "my own" classroom, I very optimistic about not only this year, but that this will lead to a future teaching position in this school district. How exciting is this?! I feel peace about the future and I feel centered. I am hopeful.

And I promise to become consistent again with blogging. I am sorry for my hodge-podge approach this summer. A few things to look for: The future could contain a new blog title that is less grade-specific and the near future will likely contain a post or two or three about our summer. Happy end of Summer, I am loving it!

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