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Friday, July 12, 2013

I am a Kansas blogger....

Back in March I joined up with Fifth in the Middle for her Southern blogs by State. And I realized that I am not an OK blogger anymore (and pun intended here, I am not OK on so many levels!). So today I am going to join the Kansas bloggers and take myself off the Oklahoma bloggers. Today I am a Kindergarten without a job. My heart is broken, but my family is healing. I know we needed to be back in Kansas, but I miss my adorable little Kinders, my teaching posse, and my fabulous principal. Today I am praying that God sends me someone just as awesome as my first ever principal that I had for my first year of teaching. I know she is going to the change the face of education in the OK panhandle, and I am so grateful that she has been a part of my life this past year.
Today I am a teacher without a classroom and I know God has something great for me, but I really hate this hanging on by a thread and not knowing what is next. I am praying for a solution to appear soon. And I am searching, and searching for a job that is within a reasonable distance from our home. Today I am linking up through the Midwestern blogger section of Fifth in the Middle to proclaim my status as a Kansas blogger and meet more fabulous Kansas friends.


  1. Hi I am your newest follower! Found you from
    Who nominated you and I for Liebster Awards. I am a Kansas/Missouri Blogger! I live in Kansas but work in Missouri! Cute blog! Where are you in Kansas?

  2. I'm so sorry :( Praying you'll find the classroom of your dreams soon!
    Polka Dot Kinders