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Friday, December 28, 2012

Resolving to get organized

How am I going to meet my organizational needs this year? That is the magic question that I am supposed to post about. Wish me luck!
First of all I need to narrow the field and find the things that need organized the most in my classroom, which is everything. I have spent countless hours trying to make it easier to organize. I recently moved a big shelf out of the hallway into my room to try to get more organized and I haven’t had time or opportunity to organize said shelves to actually make them more useful.  I also took over another cabinet in the hallway and so I have more space, but I inherited more junk (I mean resources, yes, resources…) with this take over. Um, I plan to steal, steal, steal ideas from other teachers via blogs and my beloved Pinterest to get more organized. I loved the landing station that Growing Kinders has in her classroom: Here is a copy of the picture she has posted. I’d love to make an area like this, I’ll try to update you all when I figure something out and I’ll post a picture of whatever I do.

I might not have the cute little drawer space, but I want to add a bulletin board and dry erase board and make a place on my shelves for pens and pencils and whatever. School doesn’t start again for us until the 7th, so I hope to get some serious organization done before that! Watch for the updates.
One of my friends posted that they hope to organize their file cabinet. Amen to that. I hope to organize by Letter, color, number, lessons, and themes! Then I hope to organize all the copies that I have had made that I haven’t used so that I (or whoever might be in this classroom) can find them and use them next year. If I don’t get organized I am going to have twice as many copies because currently I can’t find the stuff I do have! Seriously, I may be moving so I need it to be organized so I can move it over the summer. Or not. If I don’t MOVE, I hope to convince my principal to move my classroom. My teaching partner is across the street and it would make sense for us to be in the same building! It really would! So I need to be organized enough to move, no matter what. I have a wonderful cart full of drawers that the previous teacher left for me and I have to admit, I have not taken full advantage of it. I have the double cart with 20 drawers, but I only found pictures of a single one with 10 drawers, just imagine another one right next to this one in the same cart.

Here is a pin that could possibly become reality this year. If I could organize the rest of my files, I could keep my week in the dish rack. And I could keep the dish rack on the top of the cart. It's a thought. I'll update you all on what really happens. 
I need to try this with my desk area.  There are so many cords and tangles and, and, and... you get the picture. 

I am not sure if this is really part of this post or the technology post, but I hope to organize CD’s and other music/audio files on iTunes. This opens doors for ease in planning for centers, lessons, and more.
Every cupboard, shelf, file, etc., that I inherited when I took this job is currently in disarray.  Some of it was organized, very organized, when I arrived. But being a new teacher who didn’t know what she wanted or how she wanted to teach it, it got all fumbled and be-fuddled and well, just a good old-fashioned mess. So it all needs to be looked through, picked through, organized and re-organized.
Not very precise. Boo. It’s easier to start and know where the stopping place is when there is a precise plan. But seriously there is too much to plan too deeply. I’ll try to update before too long on progress and on what organization is realistic and what I am going to just let go of for this year. I can’t do it all.
I almost forgot: I resolve to get some help with my blog. I love my blog. And I hate my blog. I struggle every time change a picture or do anything different, it never comes easy to me. I want a cute little image to link when I link up and to put on my blog.  I have to admit that I was more than a little bit jealous when I saw that  Mrs. Bartel's School Family's blog had been RACKed. I am so happy for Alyce and her blog is beautiful now. :) Love it. But I wish mine were a little more professional and that I had the where-with-all to keep it that way. So... I hope to find someone to help me organize this mess of a blog into a great Kinder-blog!
I almost forgot to link up! Today's linky is: Second Grade Shenanigans and it is all about organization. Happy reading and linking.

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  1. More about Organization: It's progress, not perfection. My latest updates on the organization process in my room. I thought I knew how to link it in this comment but I guess I don't. :(