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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Five Random things about our week

I missed Five for Friday (again). But here are five random things from our week! I love linking up with Doodle Bugs for this linky party.

1. We tried Rambutan this week! It was our healthy fruit snack. Everyone tried it!

2. Introducing new centers! Word work writing in rice. They wrote -at words and -ig words and read the words they wrote.

3. Our library lesson with Mrs. Honeycutt. They read the book, Katy No Pocket, and then they made books with clues to what they were about. They used creativity and imagination and then shared with a partner! It was great!

4. The 8th grade and the high school choir performed at Faris on Friday morning! The first picture was proof of how well-behaved our class was during the whole thing!

They sounded magical!
5. Kansas Day Celebration! I made sunflower cookies for my kiddos.
Students researched our great state and shared those facts with their family! We invited family into our classroom Friday morning for Kansas Day presentations. (The wheels are spinning with ideas for next year!).
Students used the microphone and shared from their foldables.
That's our week in a nutshell!


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    1. I know! I got this idea from a fabulous colleague who gave a workshop about them! It was awesome to put it into practice!