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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Five for.... oh well, *sigh* it's five things from our week

I never seem to make the Five for Friday post on Fridays. *sigh* But I am not giving up! I will post even though Saturday will be over soon! I love the idea of Five for Friday. Five random things from the day or the week using pictures and a short description. Thanks Kacey for hosting every week! Now head over to Doodle Bug's Teaching and read about everyone's week!

1.  Math centers. It's a little time consuming to set up and teach expectations for these, but they are so good for the kids! They learn social skills, hone their math skills, and learn collaboration/cooperation skills.
Stop, Gumdrop and Roll! A 2 person game using simple addition and dice. This game came from Miss Kindergarten's December Math Centers. I have the same game called Cocoa Cover Up from Miss Kindergarten Love.

This game is called Catch Me If You Can and is from Miss Kindergarten's December Math Centers for Kindergarten.

Cocoa Cover Up!

2. Build the number. I chose one card with a number on it and placed it on each table. The table had to build the number any way they wanted. If they didn't want to use manipulatives, they could have drawn a picture. Everyone chose to use a mixture of base ten blocks and single count unifix cubes. Two tables worked together and at two tables each student worked independently to build the number. Then they counted it for me and made sure it matched the number on the card.

3. We worked on writing skills in a reading group! They built the sentence using the individual words. When they wrote them, they made sure that: They used uppercase/capital letter where appropriate, put appropriate punctuation in, and used their best handwriting formation according to our Fundations program! Then they illustrated the sentence!

4. Writing Center update! I sorted through all the writing center supplies and organized them Friday after school.
New cards for writing notes to people we love!

Different kinds of paper.... 1/2 sheets to fold into cards, postcard sized paper, and left over paper strips from our Thanksgiving turkeys.

Major organization storage here! Die cuts, small colorful papers, things to cut out, stickers galore and sentence strips with words on them (for instance, I have the word From on one sheet).

Should be fun!
So what do you put in your writing center? Is it more guided? Or is it more student choice?

Last, but certainly not least. I posted a donorschoose project this week. I have started several before, but never finished writing them and so this is my first project to post. Please help support my class! Check out my donorschoose project here!
If you would be interested in donating to our project, there is a code to use until the end of the day on the 25th! If you use the code LIFTOFF then donorschoose will match the amount up to $100!! Please help my students gain more valuable skills by having iPads available in our classroom!


  1. I would totally want to be a kiddo in your class with that writing center stuff! Love all of it and the organization! :-) Hope your donor's choose funds fast!

    1. It is really fun to watch them create in the writing center! I have high hopes for my donor's choose project! Thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am terrified every week that I am not doing enough to prepare them for the next grade, but I feel like I am doing the right stuff.... the part where the learning will be deeply embedded.